Sunday, September 28, 2008

These are two of our grandsons, Tyler and Caden. They are our daughter Katie's (husband Steve) boys. I love this picture and how they are holding hands. They really do love each other and Caden really misses Tyler when he's at school.

Isabella, the cutest witch of the midwest:) Her mommy made her this costume. Her Mom has so much talent and creativity. She is selling many of her items at children's boutiques. I can't imagine how long this must have taken. That tulle fabric is so pretty but also so hard to work with.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I'M BACK!!! I think this is the longest that I've gone since I've blogged and I was really starting to miss it. I went to my doctor and didn't like what he had to say and yet I knew there was a lot of truth to it. He said that I needed to get to a rehabilitation center or I would lose my ability to walk within approx. a year. I have experienced a lot of losses in that last few years but losing my ability to walk would be the biggest one to deal with!

So, we are working on getting me into the Chicago Rehabilitation Institute. I was talking to our supplemental insurance company today and before I accidently cut off the call they said in order to have my stay there to be covered I would have to have 3 hours of some kind of rehabilitation every day. And then my cheek hit the button on the phone and cut us off. I'll have to call back tomorrow and find out again how much they would charge us.

Today was another awakening of something I would have to give up soon! I wanted to get to the scrapbook store and get my secret pal a gift that is due on the 1st. By the time I got home I was sweaty, exhausted and in a lot of pain. It took several hours and some ibuprofen to get feeling a little bit normal. So, driving may be the next thing to go...but the good thing is there are people that are so willing to drive me places. My Mom, Wayne, Katie, and Barb (from the scrapbook store). So, what is a negative thing it can also be positive to know that there are people who love me and are willing to drive me places.

Now, I'll quit complaining and I do have a couple of cute Isabella stories. #1...she climbed into the bathroom sink and turned on the water and put her cute little cowboy boot under the faucet. #2...Isabella went to the toilet and took off her diaper and peed (sp?) right in front of the toilet. The second time she brought Grandma little pieces of toilet paper after she had gone pee in her diaper. These little stories and these grandchildren in general keep me going on my bad days!