Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shingles, Day 8
I would love to say the the shingles are gone and I'll be writing on something else. But...they're still here. You know, what's funny is that I don't have any makeup on and my cheeks are very rosey. The scabs are healing nicely. The thing that is bothering me the most is that I have a scab right by my tear duct on my right eye. It is the one that feels liks sandpaper on my eye. It was so painful last night that it kept me up all night. My eyes are both starting to turn black and blue underneath but one side is worse than the other. I am really ready for these things to go away.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A representative from Real Services came by today to explain to me and have me sign papers to sign up for Medicaid. The way I understand it is that they go by my income which is my disability check I get for $525 each month. The only snag we ran into is that my name is on the title for 2 of our vehicles. For some reason my credit is better than Wayne's right now so that's why we put my name on the titles and the loan. She's going to to check on it and see if it will present any problems. If I can get accepted there are some wonderful benefits. All my medical bills will be paid. They would go the Humana (private insurance) first then to medicare and what medicare didn't pay medicaid would pick up. I would get 5 hot meals delivered each week. I would have someone come to the house and do whatever needs or cleaning. There are other things that I am probably not remembering.
Shingles Day 6
My biggest concern on day 6 is that I have several scabs on my eyelid and I can't tell if there are some inside my eyelids or not. My eyes feel like there is sandpaper on then. The good news is that I took a shower and washed and dried my hair today and that felt mighty good.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This is how the shingles is progressing. I am so worried that it has affected my eyes. I go to the eye doctor in 2 weeks so he'll be able to look into my eyes and see if they were damaged by the shingles. My eyes burn so bad and I hate to keep trying to rub them so Wayne went out late the other night and got me some eye drops for dry eyes and that helps a little bit. I sometimes wonder what I've done in life to allow the suffering I've gone through. I have a few scabs in my hairline but my goal for today is to wash my hair because I can't stand it any longer this dirty.

By the wouldn't think I would even care how I look but I do and I took this picture myself and my nose looks huge:) It's not really that br

Monday, January 26, 2009

At the chance of grossing you out..this is a picture I just took of myself. Not having a great hair day..haha! This is shingles and it's the second time I've had it and I am miserable!! I am trying to keep busy and kep my mind off of my discomfort. My one eye that is almost swollen shut is the most uncomfortable. Shingles is a "cousin" to chicken pox and, in fact, I could give chicken pox to someone who has never had them.

I was supposed to have my beautician come to the house and put color on my hair today. I was excited about it because she just got back from the hair show in Vegas and said she had some different ideas for me. As long as it's not bright red or pink I am pretty open-minded. Well, I called her and told her what I have and she opted not to come because she has only had a light case of chicken pox and doesn't want to get a rip roaring case of them.

I hope this is on the downside of the worst pain. When it starts to scab over is when it is getting better. You can see that the worst spot is between my eyes and it is starting to scab over..thank goodness!!

A couple of days ago I started to get what I thought was a pimple between my eyes at the top of my nose. Well, it has gotten bigger and bigger until this morning when I woke up my eye was almost swollen shut. It hurts SO bad. Wayne thinks it is a boil because he's had several boils and knows what they look/act like. Not that I didn't believe him but I went ahead and called the doctor on call yesterday and he told me I need to be seen today and called me in some antibiotics.

I have an appointment at 11:00 and will see what he thinks it is.

Wayne had a boil that was so big it swelled like this one and swelled his eye shut. I'm afraid that the doctor will want to lance it but if he does it might feel good and relieve all the pressure.

The good thing today is that my beautician is coming to the house to put some color on my hair. She just got back from a hair show in Vegas and said she had she had some good ideas for my hair. That will be fun!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The next two pictures were taken with my old very expensive camera...but look at the yellow cast it gave the pictures. I was so disappointed. I can work on them and get them decent looking but I'd rather have them come out nice to begin with. I could manually adjust this camera if I knew how but I don't know got a new camera. After these two pictures all the rest were taken with the new camera. I love it!! It's just a small point and shoot but takes really nice pictures.

These pictures are taken with the new yellow cast/tint. These pics were another photo op I took so I could do some valentine pictures. Becca is always a good subject for anything my mind can dream up for her. Thanks Beca!!!

We are dog sitting this week and love having Belle come and stay with us. She is such a well behaved dog and never makes any messes. She loves her toys and they have to have a squeaker in them. You can see her pink toy behind her!

I saw these big suckers (or lollipops as Caden---in the red shirt-- informed me) for $1 and couldn't resist them for a photo opportunity and then some great scrapbook pages. It's nice to have these kids to use when I have an idea for a great picture.

Wayne worked 16 hours yesterday and it's a big big day for him but becomes a very lonely day for me so my Mom picked me up and brought me to her house. I was so glad because I enjoyed everyone's company. The time just flew by when I got there. Below is Kael and he was drawing me artwork and he is GOOD! I couldn't draw as well as he can. He drew me 7 pages of his private collection and I will date it a cherish it.

As you can see...Isabella is a little character. I told her to say cheese and this is the smile I funny! I gave her some lotion and told her to rub it on my feet because they hurt and she was so tender and had such a good touch for a little child. She loved it and kept doing it until the the lotion started flying all over the room...whoops!

Isabella tried to join Kael and do some artwork of her own but didn't stay at it very long.