Sunday, January 18, 2009

The next two pictures were taken with my old very expensive camera...but look at the yellow cast it gave the pictures. I was so disappointed. I can work on them and get them decent looking but I'd rather have them come out nice to begin with. I could manually adjust this camera if I knew how but I don't know got a new camera. After these two pictures all the rest were taken with the new camera. I love it!! It's just a small point and shoot but takes really nice pictures.

These pictures are taken with the new yellow cast/tint. These pics were another photo op I took so I could do some valentine pictures. Becca is always a good subject for anything my mind can dream up for her. Thanks Beca!!!

We are dog sitting this week and love having Belle come and stay with us. She is such a well behaved dog and never makes any messes. She loves her toys and they have to have a squeaker in them. You can see her pink toy behind her!

I saw these big suckers (or lollipops as Caden---in the red shirt-- informed me) for $1 and couldn't resist them for a photo opportunity and then some great scrapbook pages. It's nice to have these kids to use when I have an idea for a great picture.

Wayne worked 16 hours yesterday and it's a big big day for him but becomes a very lonely day for me so my Mom picked me up and brought me to her house. I was so glad because I enjoyed everyone's company. The time just flew by when I got there. Below is Kael and he was drawing me artwork and he is GOOD! I couldn't draw as well as he can. He drew me 7 pages of his private collection and I will date it a cherish it.

As you can see...Isabella is a little character. I told her to say cheese and this is the smile I funny! I gave her some lotion and told her to rub it on my feet because they hurt and she was so tender and had such a good touch for a little child. She loved it and kept doing it until the the lotion started flying all over the room...whoops!

Isabella tried to join Kael and do some artwork of her own but didn't stay at it very long.

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