Friday, May 23, 2008

It is 2:00AM here and I am awake trying to deal with a toothache!!It has settled down now and I sure don't want to eat anything in fear of it ating up again. I've got 2 weeks till the dentist appointment and a root canal....can't wait! It will be so good to get rid of the pain.

Not much new except for the fact that the pharmacy I've been with for several years (and spent thousands of dollars with) has been cheating me with one of my meds.We come right home and count it and this month it is 5 pills short. Last month it was 3 pills short. Now this doesn't sound like a lot but my doctor gives me just the right amount to last till refill date and not even 1 extra! So I am switching pharmacy's.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

This is Kaleb having a very rough day. Within a few minutes he was happily playing again. I can't even remember what he was so upset about...

If you ever wonder how important to a child/grandchild it is to attend their school programs remember these pictures. Tyler is in the back row in the navy/baby blue shirt...kind of right in the center by the little girl with long braids. In the first two pictures he is looking for his family in the audience and the third picture he spots us! I almost didn't go to this program because I didn't feel real good that night but I will always remember that face when he spotted his family there to watch him!



And...we are found!!!

I have been waking up in the mornings and just holding my breath till I know if I'm going to have muscle spasms. These spasms are what I would call violent spasms and it usually takes 2 kinds of muscle relaxers to get rid of them....and then I'm out of it the rest of the day...sleeping...sleeping!It always takes a little over an hour for the spasms to let up and the only thing I can do is to pace with my walker. I can't sit or even lay down. I wish I could lay down but that makes them worse.

I had the spasms yesterday morning and didn't have them this morning. I cannot yet find a reason for them...anything I do different one day than the next and haven't found a connection. If I ever do figure it out I will stop doing whatever it is...believe me! The spasms originate in my tailbone area and there's no way to stretch it out like I used to with the spasms in my lower back.

I have talked to my primary care doctor about the spasms and he doesn't have a clue. This week I had a pump refill (morphine pump) and talked to my "pain " doctor and he really didn't have any answers either. Tuesday I have an appointment with a physiatrist (doctor of physical medicine) and I hope maybe he can get to the bottom of this.

It's kind of a lonely Sunday afternoon for me. After I finish this I think I'll try to scrapbook some. Wayne is in Chicago at a restaurant convention. He was asked to come and help out in a booth for a wifi company. Wayne is thinking about buying a territory but wanted to see the reaction of the people to this at the convention. He called about 2 hours ago and said they'd only had 2 visitors to their booth...will be interested in knowing if it's picked up since then.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Scrapbooking this picture brought back so many good memories of times showing horses and what fun we all had. I was so proud of all 3 children for their showing ability. Kristi is on one of her favorite horses, actual name is Musclebuster. We called him KB because there was all ready a Buster in the barn and we didn't want to get them mixed up. KB stood for Kristi's Buster. I thought he was such a beautiful horse!

I'm back. I haven't felt like posting for a couple of weeks. Physically I've been exhausted from lack of sleep. I was lucky to get 1 hour of sleep a night for long time. And, physically, it seems like I've lost ground. I have had to start using a walker in the house because of the back pain.

The neurologist increased the medicine (Lyrica) for my foot pain. It has helped considerably with the pain but has added a couple of side effects that I don't like. The one that really drives me nuts is the stuttering. I have a real hard time t getting out my thoughts. A person has to be real patient with me or they will give up on me.

Thursday evening was to be an exciting evening. There was a meeting at the local scrapbook store and the secret pals we h ad for 4 months were to be revealed. I'm the only one who had the person I gave to and the person who gave to me not at the meeting. And, to top it off, I was happily eating some cake when I got this horrific tooth pain. It was in the tooth that needs a root canal. Since Wayne was in Detroit I called my Mom to come and get me right away. I wanted to go home where I could yell if the pain came back. I couldn't believe how bad the pain was. I called the dentist and he called back and wanted to see me Friday morning at 8:15. I was there right on time and he looked at it and felt around and decided I have an abcessed tooth. He said the next 48 hours would be the worst. He said if it made it that long then I should pretty much be out of the woods of that tooth pain!