Friday, October 26, 2007

Beca was here a week or so ago and stood looking at my "photo table". It's a long kind of skinny table that's only purpose is to keep the grandkids pictures on. She thought hers was really out of date and I agreed with her. We both decided to go out in the back yard..natural light and do a photo shoot. These pictures were the result. She's such a natural in front of the camera.

Wayne and I have both been so sick this week with what I'd call either the flu or a bad cold. It really got us both down. We ended up getting antibiotics 2 days ago and are starting to feel just a little bit better. I still ran a fever all day yesterday and he hasn't been to work since Monday when he put in 14 1/2 hours and came home sick and exhausted. But, what a blessing that he did that and we got the money banked and he could just be sick and sleep and take it easy the rest of this week. I have alwasys said that it's a treat when you're sick to be able to just BE sick and not have to go to work or take care of little kids...which I did for many years and I'm sure many others can identify with that. He talked about going to Angola today but we'll see. It's unusual that he's not up at 7:30 am so he's probably feeling a little "punk" as he calls it yet.

Katie called me Sunday afternoon and asked me if I had any ideas for Tyler's party at school. I said..yes, I do. When I was at the design team crop Friday night I saw several of the ladies using a new die cutting machine and making the cutest little bags to take treats in for the "Fall Parties" (which used to be able to be Halloween parties). I had an hour before the scrapbook store closed and ran over there right away and we were able to get just the right amount of bags made with the last of the Halloween paper I liked so well. She went home and put in the fake ugly teeth, a small yoyo, a sucker and some other candy. That morning when she took a shower Caden had a hayday with the bags. He opened all the suckers (that's 25 of them) and ate the M&M's out of about 6 of the bags. I called her yesterday to tell her that I was sorry I didn't make Caden a bag but that paper I used was that last of the paper. She said...don't worry, he's had his fun with the bags:)

I woke up with muscle spasms in my low back again this morning. They're not nearly as bad as a week ago and I took a muscle relaxer right away. My Aunt that lives in CA said she talked to her physical therapist about my muscle spasms and she suggested getting magnets to place under that area when I sleep. I have heard of that helping pain years ago and think I'll check into it. She had a couple of other suggestions but the magnet ideas seemed like the easiest way to begin. I need to find something to help because I hate waking up with these spasms:(

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Last Friday night the design team got together at the scrapbook store and we all cropped together. I had a really good time and this picture was my only accomplishment. I have noticed that I'm a little slower than many of the ladies but I'm sure it's all the meds and the pain that slow me down because my nature has always been to be the fastest at everything I do. Thanks to Jennifer for helping me with this layout...I love it!!

I paid for all the fun Friday night because I woke up with horrific muscle spasms in my low back Saturday morning. It took an hour for the muscle relaxers to work and I can't begin to tell you how horrible that pain is. It seems I always have to pain for my fun:(

Today is Wayne's birthday. I totally forgot when I got up until I got on my computer and saw the date so I called him right away and sang to him. He is so carefree about what should happen on his birthday compared with me..his wife..who thinks I'm princess of the day:) and milk it for all it's worth. I guess that's one of the things I really love about him...his selflessness. He's been a good example through the years to watch and learn from.

I am also frustrated this morning. I have been fighting a cold and heaping that on everything else I just feel worthless. I have several pages to get done for the design team and a huge I mean HUGE pile of laundry to fold and put away. Wayne does the laundry and piles it all on the chair in the bedroom. My whole house is a mess and I really like it orderly. I need to unload the dishwasher and here I sit...not wanting to do a blessed thing. It's all ready ONE O'CLOCK!!! I will give myself a little bit...maybe another hour and then try to do one thing at a time.

I have myself pictured in my head as the person I was before all the health issues....and the weight gain. I'm trying to take a picture for the bio page I need to make for the new design team and every one I take I look so fat and sick and unlike the person I feel like inside. It just emphasizes all the changes I don't want to accept. I read email from family and friends and it seems like everyone's life gets to move on except for mine. I am stuck in this horrible pain and I look like crap and feel even worse. Sounds like a great bio, doesn't it? My house used to be so clean and neat and now I haven't been able to clean it for about 8 months or more. I clean the bathrooms and Wayne cleans the kitchen floor and sweeps and that's all that gets done. I guess men don't see dust but I do and when I try to dust the pain just gets too out of I am stuck with a dusty and what seems to me a dirty house. I would love to go back to the house we had to sell because of medical expenses and have it clean like it used to be with everything in its place. That's really who I am:)

I went to the dentist yesterday because I lost a big hunk out of my tooth eating a pretzel. I almost had a panic attack when he was telling me what he's going to have to do and showing me the x-ray and seeing all the decay. The tooth that I lost the hunk out of has decay down to the bone and he is afraid he will have to cut out some of the bone. The one next to that has decay..the one next to that has decay under the crown and the last one has decay and needs a crown. So, his plan to save money and make it easier on me is to pull the tooth with the hunk missing out of it and make a bridge between all these teeth with a mere cost of....$3600. The only good thing is that I can be sedated while he does this...otherwise he wouldn't like how uptight I get when I have my teeth worked on. I saw a little girl in the dentist chair having her teeth worked on when I was walking out and she was doing so well. I had to tell myself I used to be that little girl but a lot has happened since then making me the person I am today.

Monday, October 15, 2007

That little house may look simple to make but believe me it's one of the hardest projects I've had to do for the Design Team. Wayne helped me and it took us all weekend to complete. Wayne's comment when we were done was...if we ever have to do another one we're hiring a contractor. I thought that was pretty funny!

Other than working on that nothing else is new. I thought in the middle of the night that I was catcing cold but after sleeping several hours and takin osme medicine I feel a little bit better. I hope it was just exhaustion from no sleep for 2 night. (Friday and Saturday) I think I was so worried about getting that houwse done that I was too woried to sleep.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kaleb was so interested in the dandelions in our yard...and he had quite a few to choose I had to make it a photo opportunity. Is it just me...his grandma? or is he absolutely adorable?

Tyler is so excited and proud to have a loose tooth. He even wanted me to take a picure of his loose tooth and usually he shuns the camera.

I haven't posted for a couple of days because I have been too sick. It was a lucky circumstance that helped me to figure out what was wrong. I was so sick to my stomach and had a headache for 2 days. I thought maybe it was related to the pump...but...Wayne had to leave really early yesterday to service our machines in the Toledo, Ohio area. He didn't want to wake me up to wrap my feet and legs but I had wishedhe had because I was in so much pain. So, I called the physical therapist and asked if she could just wrap my legs and she worked me in. As soon as she saw my legs she just stared at the for a while and then told me I had cellulitis again. She told me to call the doctor right away and get some antibiotics. I did just that as soon as I got in the car. I have now taken 3 pills and feel better all ready. The nausea is gone and I am feeling a little more energy all ready. Why did I get it again? Who knows but I'm sure glad to figure ou what was wrong.

Friday, October 05, 2007

I had an interesting day today. I didn't sleep well last night and fell asleep watching TV in the recliner. That made me wake up with th muscle spasms. The reason I didn't sleep well is that on our way home from my psychological testing I saw a Panera's. We hadn't eaten there for ages so Wayne was a good sport and stopped there so I could get some carryouts. We split the new chicen condora (or something close to that) tasted really good. It was a little rich but I still liked it. Well, it must have been richer than I thought because I burped about every 60 seconds all night long. I tried tums and they didn't help, tried Gas-X chewable and they didn't help. When I woke up, Wayne told me to take kaopectate and I couldn't believe it but it helped!

I went with Katie to run errands and had a great time even though we ran out of gas. We were right in the middle of an intersection when the car stopped but lucky that we were right in front of a gas station. I took charge of Caden and we went into the gas station and I got hom some Cheetos and by the time we paid for them the car truck was at the pump filling up!

That's my biggest excitement for the day. I was thankful when we had to walk to the gas station that I was having a good day since I had to walk to the gas station. It may not seem like a big deal to the normal picture but when I have to walk any little distance I panic knowing how painful it will be:)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

This is a picture of a brain and my brain got a real workout today. I had no idea what I was getting into when I went for my neuro-psyche test. It took 3 hours!! It was interesting and it was difficult. I had to do things like math in my head which got harder and harder. He also read 10 words that were not at all connected and throughout the test I would have to repeat as many words as possible. I had to know what is in the current news and past history. I had to draw and had to remember tje drawings and repeat them again and again. That's just a general idea of what I had to do. It will be interesting when he calls my neurologist and tells him the interpretation of the test. I see the neurologist on Monday!

Tyler told this big story to my Mom and me on Monday when I picked him up from school. He said he and his friend Cam (I think that's the name) were both getting groups of very big boys together in two groups. They would each be in charge of their own team (or is it gang:) and they were gonna FIGHT!!!!
Rhebeca was in the car when he was telling this story and we all tried to tell him different ways to work out their differences but after each idea he said...nope, we're gonna fight. It was a real "boy" moment. Well, I think today was the day for the big fight so I called his Mom to see if he was still alive (...ha ha!!) and ask how the fight went. She said the fight didn't go down because they found a bull frog and played with that during recess. I laughed so hard.
Those tough little gangsters all liked playing with a frog instead of fighting. I just love this age. They are just precious.
Brrrr! It's cold in here!! Poor Wayne has to live with a cold house and sometimes he feels tonight. He came home from work exhausted and feeling a little sick and I came home from the grocery store very overheated and in much pain. So, by the time I carried in the groceries and fixed some supper I was dripping with sweat and turned the temp down to 66. Wayne knows my saying is that he can bundle up an get warm but I have no way to get cool. I really feel bad when he gets cold like that but if I turned up the heat for him I would just be miserable.

I had a little more pain than I like to have today. Back pain and foot pain. My feet were worse today than they've been for a LONG time. I'm on that new medicine and it didnt help today. I hope tomorrow's better. Tomorrow I have a neuro-psyche test that the neurologist ordered. I can't imagine what the test will be like...I'll post here tomorrow what the test was like.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Beca's Photoshoot!
Beca was at our house this afternoon and noticed the picture of her in the frame was rather a couple of years old. So, together, we decided to do a little photo shoot of our own. The lighting wasn't very good in the house because it was rainy outside so I had her go outside and stand on the porch and that's where I took these pictures. She came up with these expressions all by help from me:) I used a special mode on my camera called "shoot portrait focusing tightly on the subject" Now I know there's another name for this but that's what it says on my camera:)

I had a much better day today than I've had for quite some time. I actually had some energy which was wonderful. Didn't get much done except for a little housework and then like I normally do on Monday's I picked up Tyler from school. Soon after we got home my Mom stopped by and Beca was with her. Beca wanted to stay and since I hadn't seen her for a while I was thrilled to have her here.

I was disappointed with myself that I got a little nervous with both of them here. It made me feel like an old lady!

Well, after Tyler went home, Beca came to the store with Wayne and me and I sure enjoyed it. She looked at all the costumes and didn't find one that would be appropriate for her in her size. So, after the groceries we came to our house and she picked out her outfit online and her grandparents (Wayne and I) ordered it for her. I know she had mentioned several times that she didn't have an outfit yet and that's important when you're a young lady!! The name of the costume is "Pirate Cutie Costume". It's really cute.

While I got the groceries she started telling me how hungry she was. I gave Wayne my coin purse and he took her to the McDonald's attched to the WalMart and sat with her while she ate. I'm so glad that they got that time together. Sometimes Grandpa doesn't spend as much time as the Grandma does and I love Wayne enough and know what a special person he is that I want these grandchildren to know him in the same way. I know he loves them all too and never complains when I jump right in there and play with the kids and he stays in the background. Anyway, it ended up being a good time for for Grandpa/Granddaughter bonding.

That's all for now!!


Monday, October 01, 2007

This is my accomplishment for the day. I'm not sure I like it. I'll know for sure when I wake up and take a look at it,

I consider this still Sunday because it's just 12:25PM so it should count as posting every day like I had wanted to start doing.

I had a very interesting day today. I was truely purely exhasted all day today. It's no wonder though. Friday I woke up with muscle spasms and took muscle relaxers a couple of times Friday to settle down those muscles. That, of course, made me sleepy. Then, Sunday I was very nauseated and vomited and had to take a phenergan suppository. Those make me sleepy too. So, I slept almost all day today. I got one layout done and I don't even like it. I will proably tear it apart and redo it. It is the one posted on top here!