Friday, September 29, 2006

I finally found out why I feel the way I do. I went to see the rheumat0logist yesterday afternoon and she said after looking at all the tests that came back and asking me my symptoms she feels that I have rheumatoid arthritis. I had really mixed feelings when she told me. I know there are some really good treatments and medications for rheumatoid but I also know what a crippling disease it can be. I felt like I could cry and felt so relieved at the same time that maybe someone was going to help me.

I have thought about the symptoms and think they started about 4 years ago. The symptoms started in my feet and at first I went to a foot doctor who diagnosed it as plantar faciitis. He gave me injections into the bottom of my feet that were the most painful shot I've ever gotten...the blood was dripping on the floor as he was giving the shot. Anyway, then my toes seemed to be the worst and they were burning so badly. Then, with that new bit of symptoms my family doctor said it was neuropathy. I have been treating them for neuropahty and it helps some but it just didn't fit why my knees were starting to hurt and my hands were hurting. It's gotten so I can't even open a jar. So, with a diagnosis that made sense and fit the symptoms I felt good that I was going to get some help...felt sad that I had to deal with another illness. I have been pretty depressed today...I feel so hopeless. I am just hoping that it's a process I will have to go through to accept this.

How to win over and make your in-laws like you:) Eric's father is visiting Eric & Kristi & Jacob this weekend. Jacob talks to me a lot of the phone and he has recently gotten birthday gifts in the mail from Grandma Becky and Grandpa Wayne. I guess he likes my name or doesn't even associate it with me...anyway, Jacob is calling Grandpa John by the name guessed it!!....Grandma Becky. I hope John doesn't get upset about it. It's just a little guy trying to figure out this big wide world!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Caden and Tyler having lunch at my house
I talked to Katie yesterday late morning and she mentioned she
was going to WalMart. I needed to go but didn't feel sharp enough to
drive so she said she'd pick me up. The boys were both hungry so
I said I'd fix them somthing. When they got here they thought they'd
like a lunchable. Caden doesn't get to come here as often as Tyler and
he was so thrilled to get to eat lunch here. Take a notice that Tyler had
to build a tower with his crackers, cheese and turkey. Of course, he couldn't
get his mouth around it but it was fun building it:) I might have a better
picture of Caden but it will have to wait till I get back from the doctor. The one I
am seeing made it known to me the first appointment that she runs on time...and she does.
I just sat down in the room and she walked in. So, I know I need to be on time but I also
know I won't sit there waiting on her all afternoon!!

I haven't posted for a while. It's been quite a rough week for me physically. I didn't sleep except for about an hour both Monday and Tuesday nights so I have been exhausted. Last nignt I took 2 tylenol pm's and wow!! did I ever sleep well. I am having trouble waking up this morning...still have that drugged out feeling and it's really hard to fight.

All the swelling is back with my feet and ankles being the worst. I also experienced withdrawal trying to get off the Avinza. I called the doctor's office about it Tuesday morning and again yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon and still no reply. The receptionist that answered acted rather surprised he hadn't gotten back with me yet. I talked to the pharmacist about how I had been feeling over the weekend and she said it sounds like some withdrawals to her...flu-like symptoms and diarrhea (sp??).

I have an appointment with the rheumatologist today and I'm really thankful that I'm swollen so I can show her what happens in the process. Last time I saw her I had no swelling at all and very little pain so this time will be a more accurate picture of what I am like on a day to day basis.

I have posted the layout I did yesterday. I'm still way far behind but try to keep plodding along. In the race between the tortoise and the hare...didn't the tortoise end up winning while the hare fizzled out by going at it too strong to begin with? I will have to reread that store, I guess:) tha

Sunday, September 24, 2006

No new craft pictures tonight and it's all Rhebeca's fault...ha ha!!! She called me this morning and was playing Roller Coaster Tycoon on her computer...and I had just put it on my computer because she wanted to play it when she came here. She talked me through getting started and I was hooked. I tried not to ignore Wayne but I could have played that game all's really adicting:)

I'm not sure about this change in the pump....I started having muscle spasms today. At first when I was sitting I couldn't figure out why my tailbone felt so funny and then when I stood up I knew the familiar feeling...the feeling where you feel like you'll fall to the ground because of the spasm. I have not had a spasm until today since my low back surgery in 1998. I took a muscle relaxer and it went away but it was a little scary to have this new symptom show up.

I was a little more awake today. I have been so sleepy ever since they gave me the bolus in the office on Friday. I'm happy to be a little more awake...not so happy for the spasm:)

That's my day. I cooked supper tonight and did pretty well if I kept sitting down when I could.
I saw someone eating bacon and eggs on TV and it looked so good to me I fixed them for Wayne and me both!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Another week comes to a close and another week that has been filled with pain and disappointment. I try to stay positive but after a week like this last one it can become pretty hard. I had a pump refill today and when they check me in to the hospital they always have to take a complete history of medications and any changes and what abilities I have/don't have. I think the last three times when it came to what I can do around the house I am reduced to tears. I want so badly to pull my own weight but it's just too painful to do the work of a "normal" person.

I asked the doctor today if my dosage is high/middle or low. I just had no idea where I was at. He said it is not low and not real high but it is a good dose and probably an average one. He said that sometimes it can help a patient to switch medications for a while and then go back to the morphine. We decided that next refill they will use dilaudid in the pump in place of morphine. I think it is a good idea. I have been taking morphine orally and now intrathecally for several years. Maybe with a little break from it the dose will be more effective when we change back.

I think I will go in reverse this time and start with the pump refill. I am still seeing Dr. Beatty and my doctor, Dr. Grove, is still serving his time in the service stationed in Germany. We asked if Dr. Beatty hears much from my doctor and he told us that he had just called to tell them he completed a 55k. walk. It has become a big thing in Germany to do these long walks instead of the running. I think he said 55k is around 30 miles. Dr. Grove doesn't have a car over there and had to walk a mile to the "walk" and a mile home but he completed his course and got his mug and was proud of his mug. He has seen lots of castles and has really enjoyed the scenery. He really wants his wife to join him for a week or so and show her around the country. Is it the "Rhine"??? River that goes through Germany? If that's the name he is living somewhere close to that river. I asked if the work was difficult and he said every time he's talked to Dr. Grove he's never brought up the work.

I saw the rheumatologist on Thursday and she is testing me for rheumatoid arthritis. She said if it isn't rheumatoid it is probably osteoarthritis that is afflicting my joints. I had some blood work done and xrays of my hands and knees.

I told the pain clinic of all the extra pain I've had with the pain in my joints and told them I didn't think the morphine I take orally is doing anyting for me. I said I would really rather have the vicodin for bad days. I also told them that I wanted a bolus in the morning. A bolus is a little extra medicine at a certain time of day. They gave me a 1 mg. bolus when they refilled the pump and then programmed the pump for a bolus every morning.

I had the vicodin filled on the way home so I could take two and maybe it would help me. Between the bolus and the vicodin I have pretty much been out of it the rest of the day. I tried to watch TV with Wayne and kept falling asleep no matter how hard I tried to stay awake. I just hope that they programmed the pump right...they had to call the company to figure out how to do a complex program...that's what it's called...not that it's that difficult to do. If I continue to be this sleepy I think I will have to call the doctor's office and see what's going on. I have taken this much vicodin before and it hasn't made me sleepy at all.

The good news is that the pain is gone...bad news I can't stay awake to enjoy it:)

When Tyler was here last time he was in rare form. He said the funniest things and I wrote some of them down because I knew I'd never remember them. He was playing a computer game (or as he calls it a puter game) and when he'd have trouble with the his guy getting killed he would say "that's a cow full of bacon" and another one was "I'll be sitting on an old cabin log" and the 3rd one I remember (or wrote down) is "who let the pirana's out"? I think he knew he was funny because he kept laughing when he said them....of course I laughed too and it kept the comments coming!!

Rhebeca...if you read this I am so sorry I couldn't make it to your soccer game today. I was really hoping I could make it but after my doctor's appointment I was just too out of it and tired that i couldn't see how I could make it. I never want to disappoint any of our grandchildren like this but that is the reality of not being well. There are just days where the pain is too great or I'm too out of it to either have them come over here or go to their activity. Believe me, I'm there in my heart and throughts:)

I am still in the card making business. I might be in competition with hallmark before long:) I have closed with 4 of the cards I've made this week. I'm itching to scrapbook again but while I have all the card stuff out I will probably continue making those until the supplies dwindle down.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Like mother/like son:)
Isn't it wonderful to live long enough to see your kids get a taste
of their own medicine. Kristi is seeing that a lot in Jacob. I really though,
and honestly now, think that is such an advantage because Kristi
understands Jacob so well. Kristi loved to climb and would climb
even before she could walk. Walking just gave her higher places
to climb:) And, now here is Jacob acting just like her:) Genetics is
an amazing thing.

I have been sick all week with what must have been a virus. I had no energy and felt just lousy and would run a fever every night. This is the first day I'm starting to have a little more energy.

A couple of things happened with our family this week. With a growing family...from the original two of us...Wayne and I...we now have 14 and the new baby will be 15. So, with that many people there is usually something going on.

Eutemia went to her obstetrician on Friday and he said she was dehydrated and hospitalized her. She spent 2 nights in the hospital and is headed home today (Sunday). She's so tiny to begin with that it probably doesn't take much for her body to dehydrate and she sure can't stand to lose too much weight:) I'd be happy to give her some!!

Katie called last night to tell us she just got back from the emergency room. She got stung by a bee and got hives all over and began to swell up. She will now have to carry an epi (sp?) with her in case of a sting. She was so sleepy from the medicine they gave her that we didn't talk long. She couldn't wait to get to sleep. I bet if Caden woke up and ran trains on her face last night like he does some nights she didn't even notice!

As I said in the blog post last time the endocronologist increased the thyroid. I was on .175 mcg and she was going to increase me to .200 mcg but asked me if I took it with other pills or on an empty stomach and I said I took it on a full stomach with other pills so she wants me to try .188mcg first and see if that helps. She said taking it on an empty stomach w/o taking it with my other medicines could increase it double. I am noticing a difference all ready. I have been plagued with swollen feet and ankles for several years. I started going to a foot doctor and he said it was plantar faciitis and had me wear orthotics. I went numerous times to my general practitioner, a couple times to his partners because he was busy and kept mentioning the swelling. I think they were stumped. They had me check with the pain doctor to see if the pump could be causing it and he said he doubted it. Well, the swelling is completely gone and the increase in thyroid is the only thing that has changed. The swelling could come back but I'm feeling so much better with this swelling gone. My feet and ankles were the worst but my entire body was retaining fluid. I can tell it's lifted from my entire body...yeah!!!!!

Here are the symptoms of low thyroid better known as hypothyroidism: fatigue, weight gain, low motivation and ambition, heat and/or cold intolerance, headaches and migraines, dry skin and hair, irritability, anxiety and panic attacks, hair loss, fluid retention, depression, decreased memory and concentration, unhealthy nails, brittle nails, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, low sex drive, insomnia, hives, asthma, allergies, slow healing, acne, or capal tunnel syndrome. This lists 25 symptoms and I had 20 of the 25 symptoms. I am so hoping that this will help me feel better and have more energy. The doctor's sometimes have been too quick to blame it on the pump because I think they were stumped. The reason they didn't increase the thyroid is that the test had me in the normal range but I was "low" normal and the endocronologist said there was room to work with when it's low/normal. She also did a T3 and if that's low like she suspects she will add another thyroid medication.

That's my news for today....hopefully there will be no more big family news. Those phone calls can be pretty frightening:)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I am finally beginning to feel a little better after catching a "bug" from Tyler. This is the first day that I didn't have a fever.

Dr. Stillson, my general practitioner, called me Tuesday and again Wednesday about my lab work that I had done on Monday. It really scared me when he called Tuesday because that's his day off. Everything was pretty good...I don't have lupus, my liver function is fine (thank goodness after all the meds), the inflamation showed that it is up...not a big surprise, the thyroid was in normal range and the sugar was high and my hormones are normal which means I am not menopausal yet. That's all I can remember for now...wish I could have recorded it because I forget some things.

Then he called yesterday to tell me another result had come sugar is high and I am borderline diabetic. He is sending me a diet to follow to see if we can get it back within normal range.

I just got back from the endocronologist today. She is so hard to get into see so I was glad to finally get in to see her. She said that while the thyroid is within normal range it was within the low of normal so she is going to increase my thyroid...slowly. She also took a T3 thyroid test which wasn't done on Monday. She said she expects it to be low because when someone is not well and has a lot of pain it is usually low. If it is low she will add another thyroid medicine. She said that I had gained 30 pounds since I saw her 2 years ago. She thinks the thyroid could be a contributing factor. With the increase in medicine and going on a diabetic diet I am hoping to lose some weight!!!

Not much else new here....that's it for my exciting life:)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Jacob at 2 years old

Kristi decided to try to do Jacob's 2 year old pictures
herself instead of taking him to a photographer. She
took him to the Collierville town square and took several
shots. Below are some of the outcomes. I think she had
a great idea and they turned out very good!!

Jacob is watching a train go by. Looks like he's pretty impressed:)
It's been a real struggle for Kristi & Eric since Jacob has learned how
to crawl out of his bed. Kristi says she never knows where she'll find him
sleeping. Many times he goes out to the couch and falls asleep. This is how
she found him one morning recently. (Looks like Grandma Becky when I
try to read a book)

This is my favorite shot that she took. I will probably crop it a little
more and print it out to put in a frame for his 2 year old picture.

I went to see my general practioner yesterday because of the new pain I've been having in my joints. He described it as poly-arthritis.....which Kristi told me poly means many. He did some blood work to check thyroid, hormone levels and I believe a test to see if I have rhuematoid arthritis. Not sure of the spelling but it should be close. That is the last thing I need:( I did some reading about it and it could also be lupus which I have suspected for quite some time. I should know within a few days. He explained so well how I am and how I feel that is so hard to describe to people. He said I live right on the edge...and when the least little thing attacks m (like Tyler's bug) I fall off the edge and get sick. I have no ability to fight things off.

Yesterday I had an impacted bowel and it is one of the most painful things a person can have. I managed to get things moving but not without causing some damage to the hemorroids so today I am living with those consequences. When I was 16 I had to have my hemorroids out and would just scream and cry when I would have to use the bathroom. I'm right back there today and just hope and pray that things settle down soon. I think it was the vitimin B12 that caused the problems. I had been taking 6 a day and a few days later I looked at the bottle and saw I'm supposed to taking 1 a day. So, I think that's what caused the problem.

I feel like I'm always complaining but I'm just trying to journal how I am feeling and thinking. If it sounds like a little old lady complaining about her aches and pains.....just skip it:)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I think I've had enough big news to post for the week. As a reminder I also use this blog as a journal of my symptoms so I can take it if needed to the doctor. SO....for the last 2 days I have had a fever, achiness, chills, sweats and just generally feeling lousy. I have no energy and sleeping is what I seem to be getting done. It is so frustrating to me because it seems like there is always something happening to keep me down. I am hoping that by tomorrow I will be a little better. I am sure I caught this from Tyler who probably got it from someone at kindergaten. My immune system is so low that I catch about anything I come in contact with.

I haven't felt like scrapbooking but if I do I'll post those pictures later:) My goal for the day?? A shower. I can't even begin to explain how hard a shower is for me. I remember when I used to hop in the shower and whiz through all the washing and hopped out and dried my nair. Now I wash my hair in the sink...brush out a shower for the rest of my body....put on robe and rest....dry It's a long process but it has to be!! The reason I rest so often is the back pain. I just can't stand for longer than about 1 minute. Look at your own activities and see how limited you'd be if you could only stand for a minute. No mall, no zoo with grandkids, no walking around the block for exercise, and the list goes on. I have been very surprised at how many things we do require standing. If I see a friend at the store and don't have somewhere to sit down i get all panicy inside. Now I sound like I'm trying to have a pity party for myself and don't want to do that!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

My recent projects
My beautician has been so good to me for the past few years.
When the back pain became too great for me to travel, she started
coming to our house to cut my hair and for a huge discount too.
She is still coming here and I just love how convenient it is... especially
because I don't drive to South Bend yet where her shop is located.
The last time she was here she mentioned to me before she left that
she would like to buy some thank you cards
that I have made. She saw one that Katie had and really liked it. I am
in the process of making these cards for her. I have included the
envelopes because they are so pretty on the inside too. I will give these
to her for no charge because I appreciate her service to me so much. I
am so happy that I can do something for her this time!!

Tyler's funny faces
I don't know if Tyler was trying to be funny or not but
I just love these pictures and the funny faces. I found
the little poem and it was perfect:.."God gives us faces
but we must make our own expressions". These layouts
are not up to date as far as style but the pictures themselves
never go out of style.

Yesterday was a big day for our family. First of all my brothers wife, Andrea, had surgery for the breast cancer and had a masectomy done and at the same time had the reconstruction. She came through the surgery just fine. I'm sure she's pretty sore today. She was in excellent health before this happened so that has to help in her recovery. Please pray with our family that this is the end of dealing with cancer for Andrea.

Also our daughter, Katie, went to the neurosurgeon to talk to him about the chiari malformation. She was diagnosed with that last week. I learned a lot through this. The brain continues to grow until a person is in their 20's. When the indented bony space at the lower rear of the skull is smaller than normal, the cerebellum & brain stem can be pushed down. This can block the flow of spinal fluid and can cause a variety of symptoms including dizziness, muscle weakness, numbness, vision problems, headaches & problems with balance & coordination. One of the treatments is to go in and open up that space surgically. As of now the surgeon wants to do more tests to make sure the symptoms are related to chiari and not something else. She will have a stress blood pressure test, a MRI of the neck and another test that I don't remember right now. Then he will give his advice. It is up to her whether she wants surgery or to just manage the symptoms.

And for the good news...we are going to be Grandparents again!!!! I believe the due date will be somewhere around March. Great people are born in March...just kidding. My birthday is March 29th. What a great birthday present that would be. Our son and his wife just found out they are expecting. A new life is always something to celebrate. With an 8 year old and a 3 and 1 year old it will be a challenge. I know I will help all I can. It gives me a reason to keep pushing on for good health....and if good health doesn't come it gives me a reason to push through the pain. I can do that for a little while and it all catches up to me. Another scrapbook to start too. I'm so excited!! A little girl would be nice but we will all love another boy. The 5 grandsons we have are all so special and different in their own ways.

I have had one of the worst weeks that I have had for a long time. I am having pain in every joint in my body. From my fingers to my toes and everywhere in between. I just get so tired of pain and wish someone could figure out what this is. I go to my primary care doctor on Monday...again and then to the pain doctor on Thursday to see if they have some suggestions!!
When I get up in the morning I dread getting out of the recliner because the pain is so awful.

Wayne is trying to make a decision on a new job. He found out yesterday that the owner of the company lied to him about a few things and it is making the job look a little less desirable but he is not ruling it out either. He wants to talk to him again and get some things ironed out!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jacob's 2nd birthday party
Let the party begin!! Here he is with his friend
from church Ella. She's so cute:) He loves to say her
name and says ellala ellala.

Jacob is opening his exciting!!
I like how in the front of the picture two of his friends
are checking out one of the toys...probably wishing it was theirs.

Happy Birthday to You...
Jacob was so embarrassed when everybody sang
to him that he had to cover his face.

Jacob's Mommy saw that he had a special cake for his 2nd
birthday. The party theme and cake decoration is taken after
the movie "Cars".
August/September/October are busy birthday months for us. We have one at the end of August (Kael just turned 3), 5 in September and 3 in October. Keeps me hopping to get the money for gifts! I have discovered WalMart's layout and use it a lot.

I have felt lousy for 3 days now. When I wake up ...and all day long...every joint in my body
is so painful....from the joints in my fingers down to my toes. I dread getting up off the chair in the morning because I know how bad its going to hurt to take the first few steps!!

I called this morning to make an appointment with my primary care physician and also made one with my pain doctor. I see the PCP on Monday and the pain doctor on the 14th. Maybe one of them can figure out why this new pain has settled in my joints. It's so frustrating and if you read my post here a couple days ago you read about me feeling like I'm in a dark pit with no way out. Well, with this new pain I feel like I've gone down another notch or two:)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Kael's 3rd birthday party
Make a wish!!
Kael does a very good job at opening presents. I think
he only opened one of his sister's presents this time.

It's no fun when it's somebody else's birthday...especially
when you're 2 years old:) This is Caden looking how he
must have felt yesterday. He was so upset that one of the
gifts weren't for him. Had I known he'd be so upset I could
have wrapped up some things from the Dollar Tree.

Make a wish!
Kael has it down good...blowing out the candles
and wow! can he ever open a gift fast. He's learned
a lot in his three years

Rhebeca is 8 years old!!!
Starting when Rhebeca was 3 I had her hold up her fingers for
every year old she was. She has such a good imagination when
it comes to posing for pictures!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Wrapping paper fun!!! out Grandpa:)
Caden and Tyler spent the morning with us today and we had lots of excitement
and lots of fun. They were a little sleepy when they arrived at 6:30 am but it
didn't take them long to wake up:) They both wanted to play in the basement so I took
my breakfast down there and watched and helped them play. Tyler dumped out the
Lincoln Logs and there was an earwig in it. I am scared of mice and only one other thing and it's earwigs!!! Tyler killed it for me and I talked them into going upstairs. Isn't that nice to have a 5 year old kill the bug you're scared of? It didn't bother him at all. He sure made sure it was squished good.

Tyler had found a big bag of paints, markers and glitter pens. We found some things online for Tyler to paint
(dinosaurs) and I found a coloring book for Caden. They had the best time painting. I
don't know if Caden has ever painted before but he sure caught on fast. Then it was into
the bath for Caden. When Caden got out of the bathtub Grandpa Wayne was helping him
and put him in a towel and flew him around just like he did for our kids years ago. It
makes me kind of sad that they are all grown up but thankful that we have a good
friendship and 6 special grandkids.

Super Caden!!
I take an older antidepressant to help with the nerve pain in my feet and it usually takes care of the depression I have too. But, Friday and Saturday I was really low. I could cry at the drop of a hat. I tried to figure out what was causing it and it kept coming back to one thing. The Blueberry Festival is huge in our home town and I have always been able to go and walk through the tents of craft goodies and yummy "fair food". I knew there was not even the slightest possibility that I could walk through there this weekend. Wayne went on the blueberry bike ride and while he was gone I sunk the lowest I've been for several years. I would love to be able to do the bike ride with them but there's absolutely no way I can do that now. So, Wayne saw how down I was and kind of pushed me to get out of the house and he took me to the Blueberry Festival, rented a wheelchair and brought it to the car and pushed me all over the festival. We couldn't get in the tents but there was plenty to see from where I sat. We saw several old friends and it was bittersweet. They were friendly enough but it also took me back to the "old Becky"...the one I long to be again. I just feel like I'm trying to crawl out of a deep pit and keep falling back in deeper and deeper. It was the best thing I could have done this morning to have Caden & Tyler here. Kids are naturally bubbly and happy.

Today is our Granddaughter Rhebeca's 8th birthday. I remember the day she was born. Her Daddy hadn't gotten to go to Brazil before her birth and was scheduled to go about a week later. We both waited around the house for "the call". It finally came around 3:00 and we learned together that he was a Daddy and I was a Grandma. I'll never forget that feeling. I felt a connection with that sweet baby so many miles away from us. Her Daddy couldn't wait a week to leave and I think got out the next morning...headed to see his little girl. It's been a pleasure getting to know and love Rhebeca since she came to the USA at 9 months old. So...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECA!!!!!!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Caden's First Birthday
I am so far behind in scrapbooking and would like to get
all the grandkids first birthday pictures scrapbooked.
I started with Caden and I have to do Kael, Jacob and
Kaleb yet. I might do identical pages to save me some
thinking time! This layout took me 3 days to
complete and most of it was trying to get the design right.
For any scrapbookers I found a way to make my own
chipboard looking letters. I cut out five of the same 5 c's and glued them all together. Now
I don't have to buy the expensive chipboard which is
very popular right now.

Rhebeca Easter 2002
I just love the way Rhebeca is posing in this picture.
She is either well trained in picture taking or is
a natural talent!!

Not a lot happened today. I watched Tyler for several hours and had a good time with him. I taught him a couple of games. I think he is a typical boy because he likes to change the rules after I would explain it. I had to tell myself that the game doesn't have to be played like I've always done it. I had bought him several dinosaurs like the ones he likes at the library to give to him for his birthday. They arrived yesterday and I had them sitting on the kitchen cupboard and he and his Mom happened to come over and he saw those dinosaurs. He was so excited. Katie volunteered to buy them from me so he and Caden could play with them now. Tyler's favorite was a type of dinosaur bird with wings that are very large. He said he slept with it last night, took it to school and left it in his car seat for when school was over. I wouldn't have guessed that it would be his favorite.

I found a really nice site where I bought the dinosaurs. They have the dinosaurs, fish, bugs, farm animals and lots of learning toys. Go here and check it out.

Wayne got a call from the man he met with on Tuesday of this week. He offered Wayne a job with the opportunity to advance in the company. We could stay here for a while...until he is promoted to regional manager and then we would have to move. Wayne is at his desk right now trying to figure out if we can make it financially with the offer he gave us. It is a wonderful starting rate but we're not young and have some needs (medical) that we have to be careful of. Included in the package was complete medical and dental coverage and a very nice car allowance with paid mileage. We'll just have to weight out the pros and cons and then decide if it's a good move.

This is Blueberry Festival in Plymouth. I am having a very hard time with accepting my limitations especially this weekend. I would love to go to the park and look through the tents like I used to do and to go to the parade and see Alan and Rhebeca in the parade but I know I cannot do it. I can only walk across the house with pain beginning so there's no way I could walk there. I think I'm feeling sorry for myself:(

Today I had a pretty good day physically except that my feet were very swollen and sore and tonight the nerve pain is back so I will be treating them with the anodyne unit as soon as I publish this post!!

Rhebeca (our granddaughter) called me a couple of times tonight. The first time I talked to her she told me she had looked at the blog last night (or maybe today). I asked her if she liked the scrapbook pages of her at 3 years old. She said yes but remembered when she saw the black leotard and tutu that it was real scratchy to wear. I think it's interesting how a picture like that can trigger a memory!