Thursday, September 14, 2006

I am finally beginning to feel a little better after catching a "bug" from Tyler. This is the first day that I didn't have a fever.

Dr. Stillson, my general practitioner, called me Tuesday and again Wednesday about my lab work that I had done on Monday. It really scared me when he called Tuesday because that's his day off. Everything was pretty good...I don't have lupus, my liver function is fine (thank goodness after all the meds), the inflamation showed that it is up...not a big surprise, the thyroid was in normal range and the sugar was high and my hormones are normal which means I am not menopausal yet. That's all I can remember for now...wish I could have recorded it because I forget some things.

Then he called yesterday to tell me another result had come sugar is high and I am borderline diabetic. He is sending me a diet to follow to see if we can get it back within normal range.

I just got back from the endocronologist today. She is so hard to get into see so I was glad to finally get in to see her. She said that while the thyroid is within normal range it was within the low of normal so she is going to increase my thyroid...slowly. She also took a T3 thyroid test which wasn't done on Monday. She said she expects it to be low because when someone is not well and has a lot of pain it is usually low. If it is low she will add another thyroid medicine. She said that I had gained 30 pounds since I saw her 2 years ago. She thinks the thyroid could be a contributing factor. With the increase in medicine and going on a diabetic diet I am hoping to lose some weight!!!

Not much else new here....that's it for my exciting life:)

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