Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kael wanted to show me his sad look:( I asked him what happened to his cheek
and he told me his "broder did it". It's tough having those brothers ...even
when they're younger.

This is Kael's happy look!!

We were at a basketball game watching Rhebeca. The only problem was that Rhebeca's team was playing Tyler's school. This look is real...not put on. He really got into the game and wanted his school to win! Katie said she text Tyler's Daddy and said you'd think it ws the Super owl s upset as he was getting. Tyler's little brother (Caden) is the one in the background sticking out his tongue.

Rhebeca is the one with the ball. I'm just SO proud of her!
Beca is the one in the last row on the right hand side.
Here she is...ready for the ball to be passed to her:) She just loves basketball and I'm so happy for her to find a good hobby that she's so passionate about.
Bella was here for a short time today and the first thing she asked for was Papa Wayne. She just loves him.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Jacob's 1st birthday
Do you think he likes cake?

Jacob driving at a fair in Tennessee...he seems to be enjoying
himself and he picked the backseat himself.

It's been a while since I posted. I tried a couple of times and things are a little different so I just gave up!

I was supposed to go to Chicago on the 20th of October. Unfortunately I was too sick to go. I was was very sick to my stomach. I had the flu and pneumonia shot the day before and don't know if that was part of reason?? Anyway, there was no way that I could have gone. I am now scheduled to go to Chicago for an evaluation on December 9th. I am a little scared to hear what they have to say about my condition and also a little hopeful that they might help me.

My Dad went through renal failure and staph infection in his blood last week. He hung on by just a thread. He wanted someone there with him and my mom stayed the 1st night and my brother came up from Indianapolis and spent the next night with him. These are the times I wish my health was better so I could help my family in a time of need! I am happy to say that his appitite has returned and he is on the mend. He gave us all a real scare.