Sunday, September 17, 2006

Like mother/like son:)
Isn't it wonderful to live long enough to see your kids get a taste
of their own medicine. Kristi is seeing that a lot in Jacob. I really though,
and honestly now, think that is such an advantage because Kristi
understands Jacob so well. Kristi loved to climb and would climb
even before she could walk. Walking just gave her higher places
to climb:) And, now here is Jacob acting just like her:) Genetics is
an amazing thing.

I have been sick all week with what must have been a virus. I had no energy and felt just lousy and would run a fever every night. This is the first day I'm starting to have a little more energy.

A couple of things happened with our family this week. With a growing family...from the original two of us...Wayne and I...we now have 14 and the new baby will be 15. So, with that many people there is usually something going on.

Eutemia went to her obstetrician on Friday and he said she was dehydrated and hospitalized her. She spent 2 nights in the hospital and is headed home today (Sunday). She's so tiny to begin with that it probably doesn't take much for her body to dehydrate and she sure can't stand to lose too much weight:) I'd be happy to give her some!!

Katie called last night to tell us she just got back from the emergency room. She got stung by a bee and got hives all over and began to swell up. She will now have to carry an epi (sp?) with her in case of a sting. She was so sleepy from the medicine they gave her that we didn't talk long. She couldn't wait to get to sleep. I bet if Caden woke up and ran trains on her face last night like he does some nights she didn't even notice!

As I said in the blog post last time the endocronologist increased the thyroid. I was on .175 mcg and she was going to increase me to .200 mcg but asked me if I took it with other pills or on an empty stomach and I said I took it on a full stomach with other pills so she wants me to try .188mcg first and see if that helps. She said taking it on an empty stomach w/o taking it with my other medicines could increase it double. I am noticing a difference all ready. I have been plagued with swollen feet and ankles for several years. I started going to a foot doctor and he said it was plantar faciitis and had me wear orthotics. I went numerous times to my general practitioner, a couple times to his partners because he was busy and kept mentioning the swelling. I think they were stumped. They had me check with the pain doctor to see if the pump could be causing it and he said he doubted it. Well, the swelling is completely gone and the increase in thyroid is the only thing that has changed. The swelling could come back but I'm feeling so much better with this swelling gone. My feet and ankles were the worst but my entire body was retaining fluid. I can tell it's lifted from my entire body...yeah!!!!!

Here are the symptoms of low thyroid better known as hypothyroidism: fatigue, weight gain, low motivation and ambition, heat and/or cold intolerance, headaches and migraines, dry skin and hair, irritability, anxiety and panic attacks, hair loss, fluid retention, depression, decreased memory and concentration, unhealthy nails, brittle nails, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, low sex drive, insomnia, hives, asthma, allergies, slow healing, acne, or capal tunnel syndrome. This lists 25 symptoms and I had 20 of the 25 symptoms. I am so hoping that this will help me feel better and have more energy. The doctor's sometimes have been too quick to blame it on the pump because I think they were stumped. The reason they didn't increase the thyroid is that the test had me in the normal range but I was "low" normal and the endocronologist said there was room to work with when it's low/normal. She also did a T3 and if that's low like she suspects she will add another thyroid medication.

That's my news for today....hopefully there will be no more big family news. Those phone calls can be pretty frightening:)

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