Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Jacob at 2 years old

Kristi decided to try to do Jacob's 2 year old pictures
herself instead of taking him to a photographer. She
took him to the Collierville town square and took several
shots. Below are some of the outcomes. I think she had
a great idea and they turned out very good!!

Jacob is watching a train go by. Looks like he's pretty impressed:)
It's been a real struggle for Kristi & Eric since Jacob has learned how
to crawl out of his bed. Kristi says she never knows where she'll find him
sleeping. Many times he goes out to the couch and falls asleep. This is how
she found him one morning recently. (Looks like Grandma Becky when I
try to read a book)

This is my favorite shot that she took. I will probably crop it a little
more and print it out to put in a frame for his 2 year old picture.

I went to see my general practioner yesterday because of the new pain I've been having in my joints. He described it as poly-arthritis.....which Kristi told me poly means many. He did some blood work to check thyroid, hormone levels and I believe a test to see if I have rhuematoid arthritis. Not sure of the spelling but it should be close. That is the last thing I need:( I did some reading about it and it could also be lupus which I have suspected for quite some time. I should know within a few days. He explained so well how I am and how I feel that is so hard to describe to people. He said I live right on the edge...and when the least little thing attacks m (like Tyler's bug) I fall off the edge and get sick. I have no ability to fight things off.

Yesterday I had an impacted bowel and it is one of the most painful things a person can have. I managed to get things moving but not without causing some damage to the hemorroids so today I am living with those consequences. When I was 16 I had to have my hemorroids out and would just scream and cry when I would have to use the bathroom. I'm right back there today and just hope and pray that things settle down soon. I think it was the vitimin B12 that caused the problems. I had been taking 6 a day and a few days later I looked at the bottle and saw I'm supposed to taking 1 a day. So, I think that's what caused the problem.

I feel like I'm always complaining but I'm just trying to journal how I am feeling and thinking. If it sounds like a little old lady complaining about her aches and pains.....just skip it:)

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