Sunday, September 24, 2006

No new craft pictures tonight and it's all Rhebeca's fault...ha ha!!! She called me this morning and was playing Roller Coaster Tycoon on her computer...and I had just put it on my computer because she wanted to play it when she came here. She talked me through getting started and I was hooked. I tried not to ignore Wayne but I could have played that game all's really adicting:)

I'm not sure about this change in the pump....I started having muscle spasms today. At first when I was sitting I couldn't figure out why my tailbone felt so funny and then when I stood up I knew the familiar feeling...the feeling where you feel like you'll fall to the ground because of the spasm. I have not had a spasm until today since my low back surgery in 1998. I took a muscle relaxer and it went away but it was a little scary to have this new symptom show up.

I was a little more awake today. I have been so sleepy ever since they gave me the bolus in the office on Friday. I'm happy to be a little more awake...not so happy for the spasm:)

That's my day. I cooked supper tonight and did pretty well if I kept sitting down when I could.
I saw someone eating bacon and eggs on TV and it looked so good to me I fixed them for Wayne and me both!!

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