Friday, September 01, 2006

Caden's First Birthday
I am so far behind in scrapbooking and would like to get
all the grandkids first birthday pictures scrapbooked.
I started with Caden and I have to do Kael, Jacob and
Kaleb yet. I might do identical pages to save me some
thinking time! This layout took me 3 days to
complete and most of it was trying to get the design right.
For any scrapbookers I found a way to make my own
chipboard looking letters. I cut out five of the same 5 c's and glued them all together. Now
I don't have to buy the expensive chipboard which is
very popular right now.

Rhebeca Easter 2002
I just love the way Rhebeca is posing in this picture.
She is either well trained in picture taking or is
a natural talent!!

Not a lot happened today. I watched Tyler for several hours and had a good time with him. I taught him a couple of games. I think he is a typical boy because he likes to change the rules after I would explain it. I had to tell myself that the game doesn't have to be played like I've always done it. I had bought him several dinosaurs like the ones he likes at the library to give to him for his birthday. They arrived yesterday and I had them sitting on the kitchen cupboard and he and his Mom happened to come over and he saw those dinosaurs. He was so excited. Katie volunteered to buy them from me so he and Caden could play with them now. Tyler's favorite was a type of dinosaur bird with wings that are very large. He said he slept with it last night, took it to school and left it in his car seat for when school was over. I wouldn't have guessed that it would be his favorite.

I found a really nice site where I bought the dinosaurs. They have the dinosaurs, fish, bugs, farm animals and lots of learning toys. Go here and check it out.

Wayne got a call from the man he met with on Tuesday of this week. He offered Wayne a job with the opportunity to advance in the company. We could stay here for a while...until he is promoted to regional manager and then we would have to move. Wayne is at his desk right now trying to figure out if we can make it financially with the offer he gave us. It is a wonderful starting rate but we're not young and have some needs (medical) that we have to be careful of. Included in the package was complete medical and dental coverage and a very nice car allowance with paid mileage. We'll just have to weight out the pros and cons and then decide if it's a good move.

This is Blueberry Festival in Plymouth. I am having a very hard time with accepting my limitations especially this weekend. I would love to go to the park and look through the tents like I used to do and to go to the parade and see Alan and Rhebeca in the parade but I know I cannot do it. I can only walk across the house with pain beginning so there's no way I could walk there. I think I'm feeling sorry for myself:(

Today I had a pretty good day physically except that my feet were very swollen and sore and tonight the nerve pain is back so I will be treating them with the anodyne unit as soon as I publish this post!!

Rhebeca (our granddaughter) called me a couple of times tonight. The first time I talked to her she told me she had looked at the blog last night (or maybe today). I asked her if she liked the scrapbook pages of her at 3 years old. She said yes but remembered when she saw the black leotard and tutu that it was real scratchy to wear. I think it's interesting how a picture like that can trigger a memory!

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