Thursday, August 31, 2006

Our Dad, layout #2
This is the same picture I posted a couple of days ago. I made
some minor adjustments just to make it interesting. This scanned
very crooked for some reason. It is not that crooked "in real life".

Rhebeca in ballet class...age 3
I have been sorting my picture and layouts to try to get them
in some sort of order so I can get them put in scrapbooks. I
am not naturally organized but keep trying. I just loved this layout
of Rhebeca when she was just a little thing!

I am really tired tonight. I think I am starting into my cycle that I seem to be getting a glimpse as to when it comes and the physical effects that come with a red mask across my nose and cheeks, bloating, more pain and on and on. This time every joint in my body hurts too. I just can't seem to be able to get out of pain tonight. I try to keep busy and keep my mind occupied and it helps a little bit

Katie got a call from the family doctor this afternoon and got the results of her MRI. She has chiari syndrone. The best I can explain it is a malformation in the brain at the stem where it meets the spinal cord. It causes headaches, dizziness and several other things that I can't rememer right now. She is taking the news quite well but I can see the terror in her eyes and my heart just aches for her. Our doctor doesn't think she will have to have surgery but is sending her to a neurologist to more thoroughly research it. Please remember her and her family in your prayers.

Our son called me this morning and told me his back was so much better. He went to jui-jitsu last night and sparred (sp?) with a guy much bigger than him. Alan told him not to be too rough with him. Well, the pain went away after his "fight". He has had the sciatic nerve pain and it was really getting to him. He thinks that as he moved around on the floor that it was like traction to his back and allowed the disc to move off the nerve. I am happy for him and hope it stays permanently. He sounded so relieved to get a little relief from the pain. Believe me, I know what that feels like .

I am closing for now because I keep falling asleep...I almost fell off my chair the last time I fell asleep.

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