Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Kael's 3rd birthday party
Make a wish!!
Kael does a very good job at opening presents. I think
he only opened one of his sister's presents this time.

It's no fun when it's somebody else's birthday...especially
when you're 2 years old:) This is Caden looking how he
must have felt yesterday. He was so upset that one of the
gifts weren't for him. Had I known he'd be so upset I could
have wrapped up some things from the Dollar Tree.

Make a wish!
Kael has it down good...blowing out the candles
and wow! can he ever open a gift fast. He's learned
a lot in his three years

Rhebeca is 8 years old!!!
Starting when Rhebeca was 3 I had her hold up her fingers for
every year old she was. She has such a good imagination when
it comes to posing for pictures!

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