Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jacob's 2nd birthday party
Let the party begin!! Here he is with his friend
from church Ella. She's so cute:) He loves to say her
name and says ellala ellala.

Jacob is opening his exciting!!
I like how in the front of the picture two of his friends
are checking out one of the toys...probably wishing it was theirs.

Happy Birthday to You...
Jacob was so embarrassed when everybody sang
to him that he had to cover his face.

Jacob's Mommy saw that he had a special cake for his 2nd
birthday. The party theme and cake decoration is taken after
the movie "Cars".
August/September/October are busy birthday months for us. We have one at the end of August (Kael just turned 3), 5 in September and 3 in October. Keeps me hopping to get the money for gifts! I have discovered WalMart's layout and use it a lot.

I have felt lousy for 3 days now. When I wake up ...and all day long...every joint in my body
is so painful....from the joints in my fingers down to my toes. I dread getting up off the chair in the morning because I know how bad its going to hurt to take the first few steps!!

I called this morning to make an appointment with my primary care physician and also made one with my pain doctor. I see the PCP on Monday and the pain doctor on the 14th. Maybe one of them can figure out why this new pain has settled in my joints. It's so frustrating and if you read my post here a couple days ago you read about me feeling like I'm in a dark pit with no way out. Well, with this new pain I feel like I've gone down another notch or two:)

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