Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Beca's Photoshoot!
Beca was at our house this afternoon and noticed the picture of her in the frame was rather old....like a couple of years old. So, together, we decided to do a little photo shoot of our own. The lighting wasn't very good in the house because it was rainy outside so I had her go outside and stand on the porch and that's where I took these pictures. She came up with these expressions all by herself...no help from me:) I used a special mode on my camera called "shoot portrait focusing tightly on the subject" Now I know there's another name for this but that's what it says on my camera:)

I had a much better day today than I've had for quite some time. I actually had some energy which was wonderful. Didn't get much done except for a little housework and then like I normally do on Monday's I picked up Tyler from school. Soon after we got home my Mom stopped by and Beca was with her. Beca wanted to stay and since I hadn't seen her for a while I was thrilled to have her here.

I was disappointed with myself that I got a little nervous with both of them here. It made me feel like an old lady!

Well, after Tyler went home, Beca came to the store with Wayne and me and I sure enjoyed it. She looked at all the costumes and didn't find one that would be appropriate for her in her size. So, after the groceries we came to our house and she picked out her outfit online and her grandparents (Wayne and I) ordered it for her. I know she had mentioned several times that she didn't have an outfit yet and that's important when you're a young lady!! The name of the costume is "Pirate Cutie Costume". It's really cute.

While I got the groceries she started telling me how hungry she was. I gave Wayne my coin purse and he took her to the McDonald's attched to the WalMart and sat with her while she ate. I'm so glad that they got that time together. Sometimes Grandpa doesn't spend as much time as the Grandma does and I love Wayne enough and know what a special person he is that I want these grandchildren to know him in the same way. I know he loves them all too and never complains when I jump right in there and play with the kids and he stays in the background. Anyway, it ended up being a good time for for Grandpa/Granddaughter bonding.

That's all for now!!


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