Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Brrrr! It's cold in here!! Poor Wayne has to live with a cold house and sometimes he feels tonight. He came home from work exhausted and feeling a little sick and I came home from the grocery store very overheated and in much pain. So, by the time I carried in the groceries and fixed some supper I was dripping with sweat and turned the temp down to 66. Wayne knows my saying is that he can bundle up an get warm but I have no way to get cool. I really feel bad when he gets cold like that but if I turned up the heat for him I would just be miserable.

I had a little more pain than I like to have today. Back pain and foot pain. My feet were worse today than they've been for a LONG time. I'm on that new medicine and it didnt help today. I hope tomorrow's better. Tomorrow I have a neuro-psyche test that the neurologist ordered. I can't imagine what the test will be like...I'll post here tomorrow what the test was like.


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