Wednesday, October 03, 2007

This is a picture of a brain and my brain got a real workout today. I had no idea what I was getting into when I went for my neuro-psyche test. It took 3 hours!! It was interesting and it was difficult. I had to do things like math in my head which got harder and harder. He also read 10 words that were not at all connected and throughout the test I would have to repeat as many words as possible. I had to know what is in the current news and past history. I had to draw and had to remember tje drawings and repeat them again and again. That's just a general idea of what I had to do. It will be interesting when he calls my neurologist and tells him the interpretation of the test. I see the neurologist on Monday!

Tyler told this big story to my Mom and me on Monday when I picked him up from school. He said he and his friend Cam (I think that's the name) were both getting groups of very big boys together in two groups. They would each be in charge of their own team (or is it gang:) and they were gonna FIGHT!!!!
Rhebeca was in the car when he was telling this story and we all tried to tell him different ways to work out their differences but after each idea he said...nope, we're gonna fight. It was a real "boy" moment. Well, I think today was the day for the big fight so I called his Mom to see if he was still alive (...ha ha!!) and ask how the fight went. She said the fight didn't go down because they found a bull frog and played with that during recess. I laughed so hard.
Those tough little gangsters all liked playing with a frog instead of fighting. I just love this age. They are just precious.

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