Friday, October 05, 2007

I had an interesting day today. I didn't sleep well last night and fell asleep watching TV in the recliner. That made me wake up with th muscle spasms. The reason I didn't sleep well is that on our way home from my psychological testing I saw a Panera's. We hadn't eaten there for ages so Wayne was a good sport and stopped there so I could get some carryouts. We split the new chicen condora (or something close to that) tasted really good. It was a little rich but I still liked it. Well, it must have been richer than I thought because I burped about every 60 seconds all night long. I tried tums and they didn't help, tried Gas-X chewable and they didn't help. When I woke up, Wayne told me to take kaopectate and I couldn't believe it but it helped!

I went with Katie to run errands and had a great time even though we ran out of gas. We were right in the middle of an intersection when the car stopped but lucky that we were right in front of a gas station. I took charge of Caden and we went into the gas station and I got hom some Cheetos and by the time we paid for them the car truck was at the pump filling up!

That's my biggest excitement for the day. I was thankful when we had to walk to the gas station that I was having a good day since I had to walk to the gas station. It may not seem like a big deal to the normal picture but when I have to walk any little distance I panic knowing how painful it will be:)

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