Friday, October 26, 2007

Beca was here a week or so ago and stood looking at my "photo table". It's a long kind of skinny table that's only purpose is to keep the grandkids pictures on. She thought hers was really out of date and I agreed with her. We both decided to go out in the back yard..natural light and do a photo shoot. These pictures were the result. She's such a natural in front of the camera.

Wayne and I have both been so sick this week with what I'd call either the flu or a bad cold. It really got us both down. We ended up getting antibiotics 2 days ago and are starting to feel just a little bit better. I still ran a fever all day yesterday and he hasn't been to work since Monday when he put in 14 1/2 hours and came home sick and exhausted. But, what a blessing that he did that and we got the money banked and he could just be sick and sleep and take it easy the rest of this week. I have alwasys said that it's a treat when you're sick to be able to just BE sick and not have to go to work or take care of little kids...which I did for many years and I'm sure many others can identify with that. He talked about going to Angola today but we'll see. It's unusual that he's not up at 7:30 am so he's probably feeling a little "punk" as he calls it yet.

Katie called me Sunday afternoon and asked me if I had any ideas for Tyler's party at school. I said..yes, I do. When I was at the design team crop Friday night I saw several of the ladies using a new die cutting machine and making the cutest little bags to take treats in for the "Fall Parties" (which used to be able to be Halloween parties). I had an hour before the scrapbook store closed and ran over there right away and we were able to get just the right amount of bags made with the last of the Halloween paper I liked so well. She went home and put in the fake ugly teeth, a small yoyo, a sucker and some other candy. That morning when she took a shower Caden had a hayday with the bags. He opened all the suckers (that's 25 of them) and ate the M&M's out of about 6 of the bags. I called her yesterday to tell her that I was sorry I didn't make Caden a bag but that paper I used was that last of the paper. She said...don't worry, he's had his fun with the bags:)

I woke up with muscle spasms in my low back again this morning. They're not nearly as bad as a week ago and I took a muscle relaxer right away. My Aunt that lives in CA said she talked to her physical therapist about my muscle spasms and she suggested getting magnets to place under that area when I sleep. I have heard of that helping pain years ago and think I'll check into it. She had a couple of other suggestions but the magnet ideas seemed like the easiest way to begin. I need to find something to help because I hate waking up with these spasms:(

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