Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our son and his wife and their 4 children came over here Tuesday night for a meal and gift-opening. The kids were so excited that as soon as they came into the door they started asking to open their gifts. It was so much fun to watch their excitement...that's what make Christmas watch their excitement and joy!
This is Kaleb and he is 3 years old. His interests are generally whatever his brother has at the time. One of his gifts didn't work right...figures:) Another was a doctors kit and he had fun going around giving everyone a shot and we were supposed to yell...after all...doesn't everyone yell when they get a shot...or at least want to and keep it hidden?

This is Isabella and she is about 19 months old. She loves baby dolls right now and I found this one that even I liked. It would drink from the bottle or suck its pacifier till it fell asleep and it did a bunch of other things but I couldn't take it out of the box before I gave it to her and once she got it there was no touching it.

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Tricia said...

excellent pics. Sound like you had a great time with your grandbabies! I sure do miss you! Easy peasy to get stuff done now that I work full time especially since I am on a DT on the net so I don't have to waste time travelling and I never spend a dime except for adhesive now!!! lol