Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shingles, Day 8
I would love to say the the shingles are gone and I'll be writing on something else. But...they're still here. You know, what's funny is that I don't have any makeup on and my cheeks are very rosey. The scabs are healing nicely. The thing that is bothering me the most is that I have a scab right by my tear duct on my right eye. It is the one that feels liks sandpaper on my eye. It was so painful last night that it kept me up all night. My eyes are both starting to turn black and blue underneath but one side is worse than the other. I am really ready for these things to go away.


HeatherP said...

Hi Becky! I hope you're feeling better today!
Love Ya',
Heather P

.charity.sorrells said...

boy oh boy! you are one tough soldier!

by the way, great playlist!