Wednesday, February 04, 2009

K & K Cleaners
Once in a while a cute idea hits me and I run with it. I decided it would be cute to label this as if Kael and Kaleb are cleaning.
I am just getting over the shingles or at least the pain from the singles and my back decides to act up. I just dread the feeling of the spasms starting in my low back but I have ways to get rid of them at least. I right away took my faithful old muscle relaxers and usually they work within 20 minutes but this time the pain was intensifying. So, I took some more muscle relaxers and it still didn't work. I paced and paced the floor because sitting and laying down both makes the spasms worse. They lasted all day and most of the night until they let up WEdnesday morning. That's Tuesday morning at 5:0oam until Wednesday morning around 7:00 am. A long 24 hoursQ

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.charity.sorrells said...

I just love that photo! They are too cute working in there.

You hang in there woman!