Monday, January 26, 2009

At the chance of grossing you out..this is a picture I just took of myself. Not having a great hair day..haha! This is shingles and it's the second time I've had it and I am miserable!! I am trying to keep busy and kep my mind off of my discomfort. My one eye that is almost swollen shut is the most uncomfortable. Shingles is a "cousin" to chicken pox and, in fact, I could give chicken pox to someone who has never had them.

I was supposed to have my beautician come to the house and put color on my hair today. I was excited about it because she just got back from the hair show in Vegas and said she had some different ideas for me. As long as it's not bright red or pink I am pretty open-minded. Well, I called her and told her what I have and she opted not to come because she has only had a light case of chicken pox and doesn't want to get a rip roaring case of them.

I hope this is on the downside of the worst pain. When it starts to scab over is when it is getting better. You can see that the worst spot is between my eyes and it is starting to scab over..thank goodness!!

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