Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This is how the shingles is progressing. I am so worried that it has affected my eyes. I go to the eye doctor in 2 weeks so he'll be able to look into my eyes and see if they were damaged by the shingles. My eyes burn so bad and I hate to keep trying to rub them so Wayne went out late the other night and got me some eye drops for dry eyes and that helps a little bit. I sometimes wonder what I've done in life to allow the suffering I've gone through. I have a few scabs in my hairline but my goal for today is to wash my hair because I can't stand it any longer this dirty.

By the wouldn't think I would even care how I look but I do and I took this picture myself and my nose looks huge:) It's not really that br


Kristi said...

the swelling does look better today!

Beth said...

You sure do seem to have more than your share of problems, girl! Shingles can take a while to run it's course. At least your DH keeps trying to make you as comfortable as possible. I'll say lots of prayers for you to get well very soon! We need you at our meetings, cuz we miss ya!