Friday, January 20, 2006

Chronic pain is the pits!! I get so sick of dealing with this all the time. I went to physical therapy for my neck again today and came home with a headache, nausea and pain down my arm that I haven't had since prefusion in May 2000. Now, I can't believe this is what is supposed to be happening.

I also started the heart medicine today and had a horrific headache by noon so ripped off the patch. I am dealing with enough without having one more thing to deal with. I still don't think the problem is my heart anyway. Mostly because the Mylanta took away the pain when I had the attack. The doctor just wanted me to take this med to be on the safe side till I see the cardiologist anyway.

Tyler spent a few hours here today. I had made oatmeal pancakes and bacon for lunch and thought he would enjoy some pancakes but I can never get him to eat when he's here...he has too many things to do. Of course, when his Mom picked him up he started saying how hungry he was and I couldn't fix him anything because I had to leave for therapy.

That's my wonderful day. I'm looking forward to the weekend and having Wayne here for the weekend:)

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