Friday, November 30, 2007

This is Alan, Kristi and Katie when they were younger. In case you don't know them...they are our (Wayne and me) children. It almost brings tears to my eyes to see this picture. It seems like yesterday that they were this age and yet it's been years. I loved being a mother...not that I'm not now but a mother to this age of child. In this picture they were in my parents barn waiting for a pony to be delieverd...what an exciting day that was!!

I was headed back to the computer with a hand full of fairly healthy pretzels and Wayne called and said I've got something for you if you'd come to the door. He had a little package of Krispy Kreme donut holes. There goes my healthy snack..ha ha!!Of course, I could choose the pretzels but not with the Krispy Kreme in my hand!

I sometimes feel so pathetic but last night was the design team meeting and I get so excited when there's a meeting. It's my chance to get out and be with other women with a similar interest and it sure does my psyche a world of good!

Tyler will be spending the night here tonight. His Mom & Dad have a wedding to attend in Indianapolis and it's a treat to be able to have him here for the night. He told us yesterday that his bed time is 7:30 but on the weekends he gets to stay up really late. We asked him how late that was and he said it's 8:00. I got so tickled by that. I was thinking maybe 11:00 or later...but I think I can make it to 8:00.

I'm going to try to get a different look on my blog and put some music on it. I don't know if I'll be successful with the music...if you dond't hear any it means I need to work on it a little longer:)

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