Friday, December 21, 2007

This is the smile Jacob give for every picture taken. It was so comical. I had to try to get him when he wasn't aware of the camera. His Mom, our daughter Kristi, remembered that when she was about his age (actually I think she was 5, not 3) that her smile was like this but maybe a little worse..her mouth was wide open. I was trying to get a picture for Christmas cards so I made her go into the bathroom and practice smiling in front of the mirror for a while. I apologizd to her and she said I didn't have to apologize because she remembers that it worked for her!

Isabella Amira on Sunday, December 16th ...what a little cutie!!

Kristi and Jacob heading to church on a very snowy morning. I think the pine tree across the street is so pretty with all the snow on it. It looks like a winter wonderland!

Left to right is Jacob, Kael and Rhebeca. They look cold but they had a good time sledding. Remember the story about getting the hand, scarf and gloves from The Gap and how bad my back was hurting? Well, if you'll look at Kael in the middle..he is wearing the set out in the cold and snowy weather. I'm so glad I made it there to get the set for him. He loved it!

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