Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Here are a couple of pictures I like of our grandchildren.
Beca giving her brother, Kaleb, a big kiss. She really loves her little brothers and sister.

Kael got himself ready to play baseball. I think he did it by himself...how funny! The black thing hanging over the front of his face is the strap for holding the helmet on.

I am feeling much better about the Chicago doctor and the treatments he wants to do today. I can't say I slept on it because I had muscle spasms all night...starting at about 11:00 pm
and ending about 5:30 this evening. When the spasms last so long it leaves me exhausted and my back hurtingl AND...what I dislike the most is it leaves me so sleepy. I've slpeepy..yawn,,

I reread what I wrote yesterday and it made no sense at all. I was really sleepy and kept falling asleep yesterday. My doctor said one more thing on Monday that I had forgotten about. He said the pain and my posture because of the pain has caused my bone structure to change. It is especially prevelent in my legs and hips. I think that he thought if I could get some of the relief from the shots if the shots relieved the pain enough that I would stand upright and differently. I could see it once he pointed it out and it is pretty scary to see my bone structure changed. But, I have hope that if anyone can help that this man can do it!!



Kelly C. said...

I think you're right, Becky! I think this Dr. is your answer, please keep the faith!
I'm glad he noticed your leaning over issue too! I cannot imagine how it effects the rest of your body and organs, better for you to correct it sooner than later and I bet it helps you feel better all around. Breathing, circulation, sleep, digestion...etc. I sure miss you at the DT meetings & Message Board. It is so good to see you posting on your blog again!
I'm thinking about and praying for you!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and especially for the encouragement to keep going to the Chicago doctor. I really liked him and that's an important part of doctor/patient relationship.

I miss seeing you too. I'm planning to be there on the 9th??