Saturday, May 23, 2009

April 3rd is the last time I posted on here. The reasons I stopped are all the same reason...pain! Mostly my foot pain. It had gotten to the point where I almost couldn't function. I resigned from the design team, quit scrapbooking, quit blogging and just didn't feel well enough to do anything.

About 18 months ago Alan (our son) told me he would pay for me to go to the massage therapist because she had helped him so much. Well, I have not let anyone touch my lower back because even brushing up against it causes pain. So, what is deep tissue massage going to do? I don't know why...maybe Alan mentioned her again but I decided to give her a try. I was in hope that she might be ale to help my feet. The doctor's have all given me a very grim prognosis for my back and for my pain would not get better and would probably get worse. I went to the therapist...Paula...and the first session I had some relief in my feet and the back massage was actually not unbearable.. Wow!!! How exciting!!! Yesterday was my 4th visit and I have requested that she work only on my feet because that pain is something that is so unbearable and something I cannot get rid of like I can my back pain. I have the morphine pump for my back and can get relief for now but not my feet. Right now she is getting rid of knots of tissue that is blocking the flow of blood to my feet. It hurt so bad that it brought tears to my eyes but I knew the good it was doing so I grinned and bore it!! Paula just still can't believe that I decided to come after so much time has passed and she has a very positive attitude that she can get my feet and eventually my back better. She knows this because she has seen it time and time again. My feet are all ready better or I wouldn't feel like posting on this blog. What a relief for the moments of less pain that I have. There is nothing worse than nerve pain. So, please pray with me that she can continue to provide relief. I like the fact that she gives God the credit for the work she does.

Yesterday there was no one else available to go to Beca's talent show. My Mom had a doctor's appt. and Eutemia didn't want to take the 3 little ones and I don't blame her AT all. Well, with my feet being a little better Wayne and I were able to go and support her.

Hopefully I'll be on here more often and maybe I'll even be able to start scrapbooking again soon.

Since I am on disability and being on disability I am on medicare I will be getting the $250 Obama had decided to give us. I have had at least 10 or more things that I have wanted to buy with that money. Well, yesterday Paula told me about a program on the Wii that is an exercise program. I know I can't exercise but there is a yoga section on it. So, now I am thinking about getting a Wii. I will be looking into it a little more today and make a decision. Don't know when I"ll get my check but know it will be soon.

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