Saturday, December 31, 2005

December 26, 2005
We had planned to have Christmas on Christmas Day evening but Tyler came down with a 104 degree temperature and felt really sick. He was still feeling sick the next day but he couldn't wait to come and open his gifts. Quantity is important when you're 5. He was so excited because he had 13 presents. I could have spent a buck on each gift and given someone else something for $500 but what was important to him was that he had a LOT of presents.

Tyler's picture is on the left and Caden is on the right.

Caden enjoyed Christmas a little more than last year but he was starting to get sick and needed a nap so he was pretty grouchy. He did get into opening a couple gifts but kept running back to the "toy room" to play with the old toys. He loves to play there. Everytime he comes to our house he runs as fast as he can to the toy room!

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