Monday, January 09, 2006

Tomorrow will be my first pump refill. It's a little scary but I have high hopes that the doctor will increase the daily amount of morphine. I cannot stand more than 30 seconds without the pain starting. I still cannot sleep in bed...still stuck in the recliner. I am also going to check into getting an injection in my neck because that's what's causing the pain now that the low back pain is better.

Tyler called today and left me a message on the phone. He did such a good job in leaving the message. He said they were leaving to go to McDonald's playground and would I like to go...I got home too late to join them. Then he went on to tell me that he's been playing "Drop Heads" and got 2 pieces of the map. I am amazed that he can do that because it is a very difficult game that takes a lot of eye/hand coordination. He's a smart little guy.

Can't wait for American Idol to start next week. It's fun because Rhebeca and I have that in common to talk about....hopefully we'll get to go to the concert again this summer. I'm sure we'll both have our favorites again this year although I can't imagine anyone better than Constantine:)

NBC news did a special last week on chronic pain and the doctor they talked to that runs the pain clinic at Cleveland Clinic quoted what life is like for a pain patient and I thought it was so accurate. He said..."Typically, the people that you're dealing with when you're treating this syndrome (chronic pain) are people who have spent the last three, four, five years of their lives on the recliner, watching television, dark room, no socialization, no work, no hobbies, no family life, no sex life. Their lives have literally stopped." What an accurate statement for my life the last 3-4 years. It's obvious this man knows what CP can do to a person.


John said...

Rebecca, i just came across ur blog and i'm so sorry to hear that uv been going thru this for 4 years. normally i would feel uneasy about what to say but what u write on ur blog makes me feel comfortable cause u seem like a really mentally solid strong woman. so i guess i'll just say that i'll keep reading.

Rebecca said...

jw, A person does what they have to do...I've had no choice but to be strong. I use my blog as more of a journal and it helps me to type my feelings most of the time. Keep reading...I'm not here every day because I don't always feel well enough but I'll keep posting:) Thanks for your comment.

John said...

cool, then i'll check back from time to time and feel free to email me if u so desire!