Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I am a little disappointed in the pump increase today. I was hoping to have the pain let up almost completely and it hasn't. It was a substantial increase too! It is discouraging. I wanted to cook supper tonight but the pain was too bad. The only other thing it could be is from exercising in the therapy pool. I think I might have overdone it. I pushed beyond my "backs" capability.

I got to watch Caden this morning. He is so cute and at 18 months he is trying so hard to communicate. I think the cutest thing he did this morning was to sit on the little chair just his size with a box of kleenex and pulled out one kleenex after another blowing his nose but his way of blowing his nose is making the noise with his mouth. He also enjoyed my electronic piano. He sat on the bench and played the piano so nice and danced to the music he made. I have added a picture of Caden blowing his nose at the top of this post.

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