Thursday, January 12, 2006

Well, I finally did it..I'm number one in the nation for playing "Drop Heads" from I started playing these games with Tyler and got hooked on them myself! I have played this game till my eyes were watery from the concentration. Now maybe I can get something else done.

I had to cancel physical therapy today because of increased pain. I am still suffering from overdoing it in the pool on Tuesday. When this happens it can sometimes take several weeks for my back to settle down. I hope it's not the case this time. Hopefully the pump will help shorten the time span.

Tyler spent the afternoon with me today. We really have a good time together. I took him to WalMart to get some groceries and he talked me into a toy and a game too:) I'm a softie when it comes to these grandkids! I have been taking a LOT of motrin because of the increased pain this week and when we were leaving WalMart I started to get terrible chest pains. I was pretty sure it wasn't my heart because I've gone to the ER a couple times and it's been a hiatal hernia. I knew I couldn't drive yet so I gave Tyler some quarters to play the arcade games while I sat on the bench in the vestibule. I was feeling sick enough that I almost called an ambulance. What shocked me the most though is I was sitting there in obvious pain. The pain made me sweat something terrible and I know I was pale as could be and kept telling Tyler how sick I was feeling. Not one person asked me if I was all right or if I needed help. Not even the 2 employees right there in the vestibule. I think I could have died sitting right there in the store without anyone offering to help. It was a disappointing lesson in the lack of concern of people in this country.

But it did cause something really funny to happen. Tyler was opening his toy on the way home and got a paper cut...or really a cardboard cut. He started complaining how much it hurt and I told him we'd take care of it when we got home. I said I felt too sick to talk right now. He must not have liked that and told me he was sure that what he had hurt a lot more than what I had. He said it several times and as sick as I was I still chuckled over that! Thank goodness I had called Wayne and he met me at home and took care of Tyler's injured finger while I drank some mylanta and layed down for a while. He even stayed and played the new game with Tyler till I felt better....what a great guy!!! I think he's a keeper:)

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