Monday, January 16, 2006

I kind of took it easy all day today. I needed to get groceries but wanted to save my energy for therapy this afternoon. I've eaten toast for every meal for 2 days now. I went to physical therapy at 3:00 this afternoon to have them work on my neck. I went backLaFree Physical Therapy. He's a good therapist and uses sense in knowing how hard to push a patient. He took a lot of history and gave me two exercises. I tried each one once and started getting a headache. He told me he doesn't want to push me too hard or I will get headaches. I told him I all ready had one and he used ultrasound and heat. It helped keep the headache from "exploding". I hope I can do these exercises at home without a flareup.

While I had the heat on my neck I asked him about his cousin, Debbie. Debbie used to cut my hair for about 2-3 years and then married a Japanese man and moved to Chicago. I have wondered how she is doing and if she's still in Chicago. He said he saw her last year under kind of morbid circumstances. Her brother was killed after drinking and driving and wrapping his car around a tree. He said he enjoyed talking to all his cousins even with the bad situation. There were six in her family and eight in his family. They are all very successful people. I was so glad to hear the Debbie is still doing well and still married. She was really popular with Katie and all her friends when she was in high school. She would do all their prom updos and cut their hair. She was/is a real character but it made her all the more likable. Before going into cosmetology she drove a backhoe for her Dad's excavation business.

I came home after that and was just exhausted. I couldn't believe that wore me out. I'm still working on getting my stamina built up.

I need to stay up till midnight tonight and get up at five in the morning. I am having a MRI on my neck tomorrow and they want me tired so the sedation will work better. I have 57 minutes to go till midnight so I think I'll make it and Wayne will wake me up at five!

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