Tuesday, January 17, 2006

If anyone wants to come up with a new invention, I have a suggestion for you. Someone needs to make those tables you lay on for a MRI a LOT softer. It's like laying on a hard board. So, do I need to say more? I had a hard time with my back during the MRI today. They gave me 10mg valium to begin with. It did help to settle me down. But, as soon as I layed down on the table I told them I'm never going to make it through this without some pain medicine. The nurse had to come in the room 3 times in a row to give me the medicine through my IV. It was obvious I was in pain because my blood pressure kept going up and up. Finallly after the 3rd dose of dilaudid I felt like I could make it or else was too drowsy to care. It only took about 20 minutes and it was over.

Then I had to go upstairs to the pain clinic to see if the MRI stopped my pump. Lorraine is the nurse I have seen most at the pain clinic and she saw me walk in and told me to have a seat. She checked the pump and everything was just fine...the MRI did NOT STOP THE PUMP!!!!

I finally got groceries on the way home but I sweat like crazy from all the pain meds they gave me. The good thing about the medicine they gave me is I made it through the store, the ride home and putting away the groceries without much pain. That was really nice!!

Kristi took Jacob to the pediatric orthepedic doctor this morning because they believe he has Blounts Disease. The good news is she just wants to watch it for 4 months and then if there is any change for the worst, he will have to have braces. He would not like that but I'm sure, knowing Jacob, it wouldn't slow him down much at all. I love that spirit of his...maybe because he reminds me so much of his Mom.

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