Sunday, January 22, 2006

The title of my blog includes scrapbooking and I haven't added anything about scrapbooking yet so tonight I thought I would post 5 of the layouts I have done. Top picture is Jacob, Kristi's little boy. He was born September 20, 2004. Next picture is Katie's little boy. He was born November 21, 2000. The next two pictures are both Kristi's little boy on the day of his birth. And, the last pictures are Wayne's grandparents...his mother's parents, Fred and Letha Randt.

The only reason I have so many more layouts of Jacob here and not anyone else is that most of the time I send Kristi a copy of anything I scrapbook about Jacob so those layouts are downloaded onto the computer. The others are close by and I don't have to email the layouts...I can just show them to whoever wants to see after I make them.

Rhebeca came over today. She is SO active. I can't believe all the things we did today. She loves to have someone play with her. I wasn't having a great day today so I had a hard time keeping up with her. She got here at 1:00 and we hadn't had lunch yet and I hadn't made it yet. I had to try to think of something quick to make so she wouldn't have to wait around. I decided to make Corn Chowder. I let her do most of the least what she could do. She couldn't get things chopped quite small enough but I let her start doing the chopping. Well, when it was done I asked her if she wanted to taste it. She a tiny little ramiken. She loved the soup...probably because she helped make it and even though she'd just been to Christos buffet for lunch she also ate a big bowl of corn chowder after her "little taste".

Then, she wanted to paint. I got all the paint, markers, colored pencils, etc. out and she painted several pictures. Then she wanted to play restaurant so I ordered some things that she could get and she loved that and I wrote her a "pretend" check for my food. She wanted to know if she took it to the bank, if they would cash it. I explained to her that it didn't have any account numbers on it. Then (reminding me of her Dad) she asked me to write my account numbers on it. I quickly changed the subject:) After that she wanted to play jewelry store. She loves that one. She uses my jewelry and I'm the customer that comes in to buy the jewelry. I also had to be the cash register repainperson and the decorator that was going to redecorate her store. Then we played Trading Spaces in the basement...we tried to rearrange a few things. Then she put on the pajamas I keep here for her...afterall, I hadn't gotten dressed yet either:) Then she painted again. It seems like I left a few of our activities out but that's how busy we were for 3 1/2 hours. I really enjoyed every minute of her though. She is a wonderful, sweet little girl!

She brought her class picture from school and her report card. She didn't have one negative thing on her report card. What a wonderful student and bright girl.

Pain was bearable today and I'm always thankful for days like that.

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