Monday, January 23, 2006

This is Tyler, Katie's oldest boy who was 5 in November. I picked him up from nursery school today and he spent the afternoon with me.

For lunch he wanted peanut butter and jelly (no crust) and milk. I asked him on the way home if he'd like a banana cut up and I could sprinkle colored sugar on it. He said no, Becky ( he calls me Becky). He told me he didn't want the sugar srinkled on it because sugar is bubbly fat. I said..where'd you hear that and he wouldn't tell me till later in the day. He finally told me he heard it on "Spongebob". After he said that, I could see or imagine Spongebob saying that.

It was a pretty uneventful day. My pain was rather on the low side as long as I didn't do much. I was tired from not getting to sleep till about 4:00AM. I tried a couple of times taking a nap in the same room Tyler was in but he felt the need to do a lot of talking today. That was fine since he's so cute!

I canceled therapy until I talk to the pain doctor. I could tell the therapist didn't like that too well but I will feel better talking to the doctor before I go back to therapy.

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