Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I was supposed to go to the pain management doctor today but had to reschedule it for Monday. I felt kind of stomach fluish. I don't know if maybe it's because I took my morphine about 8 hours later than I usually do because it felt more like withdrawals than the flu.

I did talk to the nurse and she read me the MRI of my neck. It's not real good news. I have C5-6-7 fused with a metal plate. It puts a lot of pressure on the levels above and below. Well C4-5 is causing the problem...the level right above the fusion. It sounds like it is herniated and there is also stenosis there. I couldn't tell how bad the herniation is but I suspect it is bad enough to cause the problems I had with therapy. He also told the nurse that I am to discontinue all therapy. Good! That's what I was hoping since it was making me worse.

I didn't do anything today...I just felt too sick. But, yesterday Tyler came over. Katie was telling me that Rhebeca told Tyler that when he grows up he will have to leave his Mom & Dad and live far away from them. This is really upsetting to Tyler. He wanted to talk about it and I tried to explain to him that when that time comes he will feel differently. His Mommy never wanted to leave us and when she met his Daddy she wanted to get married. All of a sudden he just burst into tears and sobbed the longest time. I hugged him and told him not to worry about it...he can live with his Mommy and Daddy as long as he wanted to. Then I tried to redirect him and refocus his mind. It was so sweet to see the innocent love for his parents...knowing well that he'll go through a period like most teens do that he'll think they don't know a thing:) But the good thing I also know is that they all come back around to think we're all right and now I get to talk to all 3 of our kids on almost a daily basis.

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