Sunday, January 29, 2006

Tyler at his 4th birthday
I always take the kids picture at
their birthday and have them hold
up the amount of fingers as how
old they are.

Grandpa Wayne and
Grandma Becky with Kael

Grandma Becky with her namesake
I love having a Granddaughter with the
same name as mine. It's kind of strange
sometimes to hear another person being
called Rhebeca Stockman. It took
Rhebeca a long time to believe me when
I told her my actual name is Rebecca and
my nickname is Becky.

Rhebeca and Santa
December 2001

Kael's 2nd birthday
Kael and Rhebeca came over to
our house to celebrate their
birthdays together since they
are only 6 days apart. They
each got their own cake to eat
and Kael thoroughly enjoyed his

Kaleb Richard at 2 Days
Kaleb was born in August of 2005.
I (Becky) was able to be present in
the room the night he was born.
What a thrill it was to see this baby
come into the world.

I hope you enjoy seeing some of my scrapbook pages. Anyone that is a scrapbooker is welcome to "scraplift" anything you see. Scrapbooking has been a very healing hobby for me. There has been very little I have felt like doing the past few years but scrapbooking has been something I can do and use my creativity. I used to use it with showing horses and then with singing and when I had to give those things up because of my health this took over. Wayne likes it better than horses...a lot cheaper!!

I took Rhebeca and Tyler to see the movie Hookwinked today or by now it's yesterday. Rhebeca had seen it yesterday but wanted to go again this afternoon. That was great...I hadn't taken her anywhere for a long time!! I had to have a little talk with Tyler on the way there about the bathroom situation. I don't think it's safe for him to go by himself into the men's bathroom so I told him he would have to go in the women's with me. He put up a little fuss and kept repeating the phrase...but boys go in the mens and girls go in thw womens. I finally told him that when he was with Grandma Becky that boys go in the womens with their grandmas. And, he finally let it go and was fine about it after that.

Tyler sat on the edge of his seat the whole movie. Rhebeca sat by me and kept telling me what was going to happen next. She enjoyed seeing it again though. Especially with all the junk food. She and I got a #1 deal with popcorn and pop. Tyler wanted a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and fruit juice. When we got in the theater and picked out our seats (which wasn't an easy task), Tyler noticed that the people behind us had cotton candy. He wanted to know if he could ask them for a bite. I said no you can't but I will get you your own. They both went with me back to the concession stand and couldn't agree on a cotton candy color. Beca wanted pink and Tyler wanted his favorite So, I got them each their own..$7 worth of cotton candy...WOW!! We all enjoyed eating it though. I hadn't had any for years and I still like it as well as I did as a child.

I have tried all week to not let the MRI results bother me. But today it finally got to me and I have felt weepy about it all day. I want to get the crying out of my system before I see the doctor on Monday. I really don't want to break down in his office when he tells me what he thinks I should do about the herniated disc and the stenosis. I think I'm feeling bad because I know the options...fusion or continued pain. And, I don't want either one. I will hold out for the small hope of a new procedure I don't know about yet.

I have enjoyed watching the cooking channel the past 2 weeks. I have wanted to try so many of the things I see. I have really learned a lot!! My grocery bill has gone up too. The only problem is I can't stand more than 5 mintues and that's even stretching it before the pain becomes unbearable. I usually end up my cooking sessions in tears and Wayne has to finish up and do all the dishes. I talked to another lady tonight that lives in Arizona who got her pump a year before I got mine. She said she still has problems with standing. I guess I will just have to find new ways to do things. I try to sit as much as possible but it's hard to do that and get everything done I need to do. Pain really seems to affect about every area of my life...never knew a simple task could become so difficult.

I feel bad that I left out two of the grandkids pictures in the scrapbook pages tonight but I kinda lost my time on the scanner because I was working when Wayne was ready to go to sleep and I was afraid the scanner would wake him up. So, I'll post pictures of Caden and Jacob tomorrow so no one is left out!

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