Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I am gaining strength little by little and very little every day. I can now walk to the other side of the house without huffing and puffing but I can't go downstairs and work on the laundry without having to stop and rest because of being so winded. Also, my pain level has increased over the past 3-4 days. I don't know why and I don't know how much more my doctor will raise this pump. I'm taking a lot of motrin and it does seem to help.

I appreciate my pain doctor so much and even more after I hear about a botched up job. A good friends mother had the spinal cord stimulator put in about 2 weeks ago and they did damage to her bladder. She cannot walk by herself and she has to use the bathroom every half hour even during the night. I just feel so badly for her and for the family trying to take care of her. It is a rough situation. It is so important to have a doctor that knows what he is doing but how does a person even find that out before a procedure? I think I just got lucky and also I had a LOT of prayers behind me.

Tyler spent the day here today. I really enjoy him and the day flew by so fast. We just have such a good time together. I told him I'm gonna miss him while he's in Florida and asked him if I could go in his suitcase...he thought about it and looked at me so funny that I had to let him off the hook...I said...I wouldn't fit in your suitcase, would I? He jumped on that and said...no, Becky, you wouldn't fit in my suitcase but you're gonna keep Belle at your house and she'll keep you company. Belle is his dog and Wayne and I love watching her...she's a wonderful little dog.

I was so excited about American Idol tonight and couldn't wait to hear them sing. The girls sang tonight and I was really disappointed in some of the talent. There were four that I really liked and they were in the order of my favorites...Katharine McPhee, Lisa Tucker, Mandisa and Paris Bennett. I really thought a lot of them were just below average!

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