Thursday, February 23, 2006

I have now had a headache for 2 days. Nothing I take for it will take it away. It just kinda ruins my day. Wayne brought home some Relacore from WalMart and it is supposed to give you energy. It has really made a difference for me. It is also supposed to help with weight so that would be nice too. I am thinking that this headache is from the herniated disc in my neck...those headaches are so different from other kinds...they start at the base of my neck and go up the back of my head to right above my eye and since it's nerve pain it's very uncomfortable.

Alan's surgery on Monday went very well. I wasn't able to go but Wayne went and stayed with Eutemia till Alan was in recovery and doing well. He took her out to breakfast during the surgery to he pancake house where a lot of her Brazilian friends work. Wayne was able to see Alan in the recovery room before he left for home. On the way home, the van broke down and he had to call a wrecker and have it towed home. It was the alternater that went out and we had to have it replaced. The van has 215,000 miles on it so I think it's doing quite well yet and it's a good thing because we don't have the money right now for a new vehicle. I wish we did but I guess it's supposed to be good for you to not get everything you want. ...and right now I sure don't get much of anything I want:(

I watched American Idol for 5 hours this week and thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt so sorry for the kids that had to go home tonight. That has to be heartbreaking. Hopefully just this little bit of exposure will help them with their careers. My favorites in the competition are Katharine, Lisa, Ace and Elliot. I kinda like Chris but I think his style will get old after a least for this "old" lady:)

Katie and Steve and the boys left today for Florida. They were all so excited about this trip and I'm happy for them that they can go while the boys are little. The next couple of nights they will be staying at the Nicolodean Hotel. Tyler will love staying there. I guess the Nicolodean characters are all walking around and the rooms are all decorated with the different characters. Caden won't care as much yet but Tyler is probably SO excited.

I went to the grocery store today. It is usually a big ordeal for me because I sweat so badly when I exert any energy and also because my heart starts beating so fast that I can hardly get my breath. My Mom took me and helped me out and I really appreciated her help today. I always thought at my age that I would be helping her instead. Maybe by the time she needs help I will be better. I still have that hope. You would think I would give up hoping after everything that has gone wrong but I must be stubborn! Sometimes being stubborn can be a good thing!!

I hope get some scrapbooking done tomorrow. I don't have to cook because we will be having leftovers so I will have some time....and I hope I feel as good and have as much energy tommorrow as I had today!!

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