Friday, February 24, 2006

I have a couple cute grandchildren stories today.

Wayne had to pick up a gumball machine from a location when he was in Michigan City today for Alan. When he dropped the machine off at their house Rhebeca and Kael were home. He gave Rhebeca 4 stuffed animals and told her to give one of them to Kael. (We have a lot of stuffed animals because that's what our business is....the stuffed animal and candy cranes). Rhebeca gave Kael a duck (stuffed animal) and Wayne said Kael immediately went in the kitchen and got a glass and put water in it and stuffed the animal in it. Wayne couldn't figure out why he did that until he told me the story and I said...Kael knows that ducks go in the water and he was putting his duck in the water.

One other funny story about Kael...He had some lady bugs that he was keeping as a pet. I guess he took it all over the house but one day he decided it needed a bath and washed it with soap and water....and then told his Mommy that the lady bug was sleeping. Poor little guy....he was just trying to do a good thing.

Katie, Steve, Tyler and Caden are in Florida. They are staying at the Nickelodeon Hotel. They were so excited about doing that for the boys and thought they would have such a good time. This morning they paid a pretty good price to have breakfast with people dressed up in the Nickelodeon cartoon costumes. Well, things did not go as planned...Caden (the 18 month old) was grouchy and whiney and crying so one of them had to take him out in the hallway and walk with him and Tyler was scared of the people in costumes and hid under their table. It reminded me of how life goes sometimes. We make all these plans to have a wonderful life and things just don't usually go that way for most of us.

I was a little better today....I didn't do much but my heart rate seems to be down some from taking a little less of the 2nd thyroid medication. I am so thrilled because I have had very little pain in my back the last few days. It will start hurting mostly when I stand for long periods (like cooking) or when I wake up in the mornings. I am going to ask the doctor the next time I see him to give me a bolus of medication in the morning (in the pump) The pump can be programed to give extra bits of medicine at certain times of the day. Morning is the worst time of the day for me. By this time of night (8:30) I am feeling pretty good....I think that's why I stay awake till midnight-1:00 most nights.

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