Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I had the injection in my neck this afternoon and also the pump refill. I was having a lousy day anyway and by the time I got to the hospital I felt downright terrible. My stomach was upset and I was having more pain than usual.

The first thing the nurses did was "try" and I say try to get an IV started. I have discovered that when I don't feel very good my veins take a hike into deeper territory. The nurses discovered it too. Three nurses all tried to get the IV started and after digging around in my arm and hand for what seemed like forever they got the doctor. He studied my hand for 3-4 minutes, got the needle ready and slid it right in the vein the first try and I felt no pain at all. He was pleased with himself and the nurses and gave him kudos for a job well done. Made me feel a little better about the injection too.

They walked me down to the procedure room and it's kind of hard to explain how I had to lay but I had to boost my chest up onto this form and hide my face inside of it so it stretched out the neck. I do not like dark tight places and felt like I was going to have a panic attack. Just then the doctor came in and they gave me the versed and fentanyl. (they won't give any meds till he gets in the room and ready to do the injection) Anyway, after that I don't remember a thing although they said I talked to them during the procedure. Next thing I knew I was back in my room getting ready for the pump refill. Wayne said I asked him 4 times how I got to the room...did I walk?...did you bring me on a wheelchair?? He said they were really patient in telling me each got here on a wheelchair.

I asked for another increase on the pump since it's still so hard to stand and do anything. He wasn't going to give me an increase today but changed his mind and increased me 20%...from 4.5 to 6.0 mgs a day. They also increased the concentration of morphine so I won't have to come every 2 weeks for a refill. Now it will be 2 months between refills.

I did wake up enough to watch American Idol tonight. Tomorrow night they start the Hollywood Week. That is always pretty interesting and you can tell so much more about the talent. I would guess that a week from Monday they will start the singing. Can't wait!!!

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