Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Poor little Caden. Here is what his eye looks like after
two days of healing. The lump has gone down but he's
got one big shiner of a black eye. He spent the day at
Great Grandma Marilyn's and Great Grandpa Dick's
house today and they said he wasn't feeling real good
in the morning until he got some Advil.

This is our daughter Kristi and her son Jacob.
They came here Sunday to visit for a week. We
are always so thrilled to have them visit. Wayne
gave Jacob a new nickname by mistake but we
all thought it sounded perfect for a little guy from
Tennessee. Wayne wrote a typewritten note and
put it on their bed to welcome them in case we
were both asleep when they got here. Anyway,
he misspelled Jacob's name and spelled it Jabob.
So, we have teased all evening calling him Jabob.
The worst thing about their visit is they have
to go home way too soon. It's always so hard
to see them leave.

Here is Jacob (or his new nickname Jabob:) enjoying

his supper. He had all ready eaten pork kabobs and

rice and his Mom brought out the spinach and artichoke

dip and he ate almost the whole dip. He makes a cracker

go a long ways and dips the same cracker over and over.

He's always so thoughtful and offers us bites off his cracker.

We keep the sweeper close to the table. He does well

eating but also drips a few things on the floor!

I had a pretty rough day physically which is really disappointing since Kristi and Jacob are here. I had a lot more pain in my back than usual but worst thing is I kept getting chest pains on and off all day long. I have been drinking mylanta like water. When Wayne came home this evening I had an especially hard attack and we both got in the car and headed for the emergency room. Wouldn't you know that the pain went away halfway there so we turned around and came home. Now, I kinda wish we had gone because the pain is so uncomfortable I'm having trouble getting to sleep.

Tomorrow is my next pump refill and I'm also getting an injection in my neck. It doesn't sound like a real fun day but I'm hoping the injection will help my neck and I sure don't want to run out of morphine in my pump. That would be something I never want to experience. I went into withdrawals a couple years ago when I switched from the fentanyl patch to a pill that was slow release morphine. The doctor I had at the time didn't do the switchover right and I went into horrible withdrawals. I have since then had doctor's say that withdrawals can't kill you but it sure feels like it is at the time!

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