Wednesday, March 29, 2006

This is a fairly recent picture of Tyler and Caden....brothers!! They get along quite well...they really seem to like each other most of the time. I think it's just the cutest thing when they hug each other and hold hands. Tyler's Mom wanted him to wish me a Happy Birthday today but he thought it was too embarassing. I think it took about four calls and sitting on a chair before he said it. I tried to make it easier for him by you want me to have a happy birthday.

I had a really nice birthday today. Everyone in my family made me feel so special. My brother called me last night to wish me a happy birthday and that was a first...wasn't sure he knew if I had birthdays:) ...just joking!! They usually send me a card but with the cancer treatment she is going through I'm sure the last thing on their mind are birthday cards.

This morning Wayne fixed me coffee and made a card for me and brought home lunch. Alan and Eutemia and their family sent me a dozen roses. Kristi and Katie both called to wish me a happy birthday and yesterday Katie and Steve took me out to lunch. I think after the very rough year I've had physically I needed the affirmation.

Then, tonight my Mom & Dad took us out to eat at the "Corndance" in Culver. It was a delicious meal and we had a very good time. I went with Katie this afternoon to run errands and mentioned about going out to eat for my birthday. Tyler kept begging to come with us and I told him I thought it would be pretty boring for him. When I got out of the car he just sobbed and it broke my heart. I called a little later to see if he was doing better because if not we could have taken him. He thought we were having a big birthday party like he has and he wasn't invited. I knew his cries were not cries of manipulation but of true distress. Hopefully he understood once his Mom explained it to him.

I will go to sleep tonight feeling very loved and appreciated. I couldn't ask for more...that's the best gift anyone could give me:)

I am hooked on a couple of new games. I enjoy playing the games when I don't feel real well. It kind of challenges my mind but yet I don't have to exert any real energy. The first one is a restaurant and I am the waitress. If you want to see a google search for free games and it's called "Diner Dash". The other game is more of a puzzle game and is called pop and drop. Click on the words pop and drop that are underlined and it will take you to the's free but you will get a few ads on your computer. I just let them pile up and click them all off when I'm done with the game. My high score is 165,000.

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