Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The two pictures are of Jacob at 18 months and were taken this morning. Kristi bought the cd with all the pictures and I think she said there are 70 poses on it. These are just a couple that I thought were cute. She said by the end of the session he had "checked out"! But, that is a lot of pictures to be good for.

I get occasional calls from Jacob. When I answer the phone and hear breathing I know it's Jacob and start talking to him. A couple of times I was tempted to hang up thinking it was a prank but looked at caller ID and realized who it was. Just lately he has tried to start to communicate with me. Today he said "shoes" and "dog". I can usually get him to laugh...all I have to do is start laughing first.

Steve, Katie, Tyler and Caden took me out to eat for lunch today for my birthday...which is tomorrow. There is a fountain when you first walk in the door of the restaurant and Caden wanted to throw money in it because his other grandparents let him. He threw a couple of coins in and didn't want to stop. He cried for about 5 minutes when we sat down. Katie said when his other grandparents took him there that she had to come and get him because he got so upset that he couldn't keep throwing coins in the water. Little boys have always loved throwing rocks in the water and throwing coins is pretty close to that!!

Tyler spent the afternoon here again today. We had a good time again. We played games and baked cookies. He loved helping with the cookies. I measured the ingredients and he did the dumping and stirring. He also did a great job of spooning them on the cookie sheet. I'm so glad I have a stool in the kitchen because I could never stand long enough to do anything without it.

My back pain is starting to get a little bit worse. I can't even walk through WalMart without being in unbearable pain. I was in WalMart for about 1/2 hour tonight and I just felt like I wanted to die it hurt so bad. I think I need another increase in the pump. The doctor has always been willing to do that in the past and I hope he will again at my next pump refill.

I've stopped taking the 3rd blood pressure medicine. Nobody seems willing to help me a the doctor's office. They called and told me to keep taking it...but it was causing so much stomach distress that I can't. I'm thinking about calling the cardiologist tomorrow and seeing if she can help me...or else I will wait till my doctor is back from vacation. Today the blood pressure was 121/91...and that's a little better than it had been.

I always like to read the message boards after American Idol to see who people are liking and voting for. They don't change my opinion but it's interesting to read the comments. They were saying tonight that during Mandisa's song they were putting up Taylor's number to vote. So...everyone is thinking there will have to be a revote like there was last year. The other interesting thing I read is that people are starting to dislike Chris more and more....they think he's a "one trick pony". I thought that from the start...seems like all he does is scream. But, I guess I'm just too old to enjoy that type of music and it looks like more and more people are starting to join me in my opinion.

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