Tuesday, March 21, 2006

To the left is Jacob, our daughter Kristi and her husband Eric's 18 month old. He has taken a real interest in cooking lately...besides his love for climbing. Yesterday he got a pan out of the cupboard and put pretzels in it and put it on the stove. This morning he had strawberries for breakfast and put one in each of 3 bowls and started changing them around and then while his Mom used the bathroom he had gotten water in the bowls and was swishing them around. Children love to do what they see the adults in their lives doing. We don't always realize it but those little eyes are watching us and copying us.

I was so excited this morning because my blood pressure was way down. I thought the medicine was working. I also had a pretty good day besides the fact that I only slept 1 1/2 hours last night. Then tonight I took my blood pressure again and it had shot right back up to the same readings as before. I'm begining to be a little concerned about this. I'm on 3 blood pressure medications and it still won't go down.

The narcotics I took about ruined my teeth. The meds cause a dry mouth and that is what causes decay. I am finally going to get started getting them fixed in April as long as my family doctor approves their anesthetic. I wrote him a letter today so we'll see what he says!

We don't have our personal car this week...it's in getting repaired so there's not much else that happened...American Idol was the highlight of my day! I am hoping by tomorrow I will have a scrapbooking layout to post...we'll see:)

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