Sunday, April 30, 2006

Some more pictures of the birthday party from last week!!
Caden is enjoying his drink!

Kaleb finding comfort in Mommy's arms.
He was sick that night with a double ear infection and it was very obvious he didn't feel very good! Although he did manage to eat some cake and beg for more.

Alan and Kael having some fun!!

Rhebeca gave specific instructions on how to take this picture. No cars in it and not much of the parking lot, etc. I think it turned out pretty good.

I have tried three times to post one more picture but it's not working. I'll try it tomorrow night.

Wayne and I are giving this diet a good try. I have either been sick or it's been hard on me to cut back so far on what I'm eating. I have been a little dizzy and nauseated. When I look back at my diet...I was eating more than I realized every day and craving a LOT of sugar. I'm doing better all ready with the sugar cravings. It was a rough 2 days to begin with.

We are both enjoying the good food. We get two big salads a day and I put everything in them you could think of....yellow, red, orange and green peppers, avacados, pablano peppers, apple, celery, tomato, cucumber, beets, and more. I can't eat carrots, raisins, nuts or cheese yet. It really tastes good!!

Not much else has happened here over the weekend except for trying to stick to this diet and running to the bathroom from all the water..ha ha!!

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