Monday, May 01, 2006

This is the picture I tried so hard to upload (download??..not sure which) last night. It is the last one I wanted to post of the birthday party. Tyler and Rhebeca are such good friends. As friends go, they have their moments of fighting but overall they just love each other and always come up with the most imaginative play. In the picture they are playing tic tac toe. I always let them win when I play with them...Beca caught on to my little trick right away. Tyler probably knows but he likes winning so much he doesn't care. When he and I play "Sorry" he always wants to shuffle the cards. But, his way of shuffling is to stack the deck in his favor.

We made it one more day on the diet. I have lost 6 pounds since Thursday afternoon. I know it comes off fast the first week and slower after but it's kind of nice to have that big of a weight loss. It helps me to stay focused on keeping on it. I want to lose this weight so badly because I think it might help with my back pain. The pain management doctor said losing even 10 pounds could help with the pain. So...that's a good way to stay focused on losing the weight...thinking of maybe less pain.

I am so lucky because my hairdresser comes to the house to color and cut my hair. For so long I was in so much pain that I just couldn't have made it into her shop so she started coming here. She said she doesn't mind doing it so I just keep on calling her for a "house cut". Today she highlighted and cut my hair and while I was processing she cut Tyler and Caden's hair.

It's been pretty uneventful around here so there's not much new information.

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